Judges on the Ballot

The Supreme Court of the State of North Carolina is the state’s highest appellate court.

  • Consists of six associate justices and one chief justice
  • Primary function is to decide questions of law that have arisen in the lower courts and before state administration agencies

There are two Democrats seeking election to the NC Supreme Court as an Associate Justice.

  • Both seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Robert Edmunds
  • Top two vote-getters will face off in the November election

The first Democrat is Judge Michael Morgan.

  • Has a lot of related experience and is highly regarded
  • Eleven current years of trial bench experience as a Superior Court Judge
  • Ten previous years of trial bench experience as a District Court Judge
  • Five prior years of experience conducting hearings as a State Administrative Law Judge
  • “I shall continue my judicial commitment to steadfastly strive to promote society’s well-being through the fair and impartial administration of justice, while enhancing the people’s confidence in and respect for the effectiveness of North Carolina’s system of jurisprudence.”

The other Democrat seeking the associate judgeship is Daniel Robertson.

  • Law degree from the University of Mississippi
  • Clerked for a number of federal judges
  • In private practice since 1988
  • Formed his own law firm in 2016
  • Campaigns as a political outsider who has never before held elected office
  • “I seek a position on the N.C. Supreme Court to help ensure that the rights and liberties of all North Carolinians are fully preserved per the rule of law and that the laws are equally and fairly applied to all — regardless of their wealth, power, connections or politics.”