Frank’s Corner – June ’16

Well done everyone!  I want to commend and thank each of you for your commitment to and endurance in the Democratic Party extended primary season ending on June 7.  Through your efforts and work, we have placed our party in a positive position for the coming fall election.  Additionally, we have helped with the passing of two referendums that will greatly improve the education efforts here in our county.  The newsletters that go out have generated a great deal of discussion among our members.  I’ve had several people say to me that they appreciated getting the information.  The Communication Committee has done an outstanding job in organizing and processing this communication effort.
We have much to do as we prepare for the November elections.  We will use the next three to four months planning, fund-raising, precinct meetings, and developing strategies that we can use to get Democrats elected in November.  We must re-elect our two Commissioners, Vicki Greene and Mark Jones to the Commission.  This will not be easy; however, it can be done with grass roots efforts and a solid promotion of why it is important to re-elect them.  I cannot stress enough, the importance of one-on-one communication with neighbors, friends, relatives, and strangers.  Additionally, we must elect down ballot Democrats in every race.
It will be difficult to accomplish our goals without holding the Governor’s Office, and a majority in the General Assembly.  Let’s commit these names to our memory and be able to talk about them at a moment’s notice:  Cooper, Hipps, Queen, Greene, Jones, Bryson, Ross, Stein, Coleman, Marshall, Atkinson, Blue. Wood, Smith, Goodwin, Meeker, Morgan, Robertson, Rozier, Jones, Stephens, and McKoy-Mitchell.  Check out for additional information.
Thank each of you again for all you do, what you have done, and what you plan to do to help elect Democrats in North Carolina.  It is wonderful to have such a great team to work with and I’m so grateful that you are a Democrat committed and working for the people of 500 Mill Street, Sylva, NC 28779, and the United States of America.
Blue Always,
Frank C. Burrell