Convention Time

Who is hiding under the banner?  Click through to see the Jackson Dems in this crowd.


The road to the Democratic National Convention begins at the precinct level.  At the annual precinct meetings, held this year in late February, the attendees from each precinct elected delegates to represent them at the county, district and state conventions.  The number of delegates from each precinct is determined by the number of registered Democrats in the precinct.  My precinct, Canada, sends just one.  Altogether, Jackson County is allocated 25 delegates.

The activities at the Jackson County Democratic Convention were already reported.

The 11th District Convention was held on May 21, 2016, at Haywood Community College.  We were treated to great speeches by Deborah Ross, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, and Patsy Keever, Chair of the NCDP.  Then we took on the primary business of electing 4 delegates to the national convention, 2 women and 2 men, one duo representing Clinton and the other pair representing Sanders.  That split was based on how the population voted in the March 15th Primary.  Delegates competed enthusiastically for these positions.  They were each called to the stage individually and given 1 minute each to state their case, then we caucused by splitting into Clinton and Sanders groups to fill out our ballots.  The far West is well represented by Julia Buckner from Clay County and Logan Wallace from Macon County, who are pledged to Clinton.

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The other business of conventions is to finalize platforms and resolutions.  District 11 had several pages of resolutions which were being submitted for inclusion in the state document and there was some lively discussion about the wording on several of these.

The state convention was held three weeks later in Raleigh.  It was a packed house and Jackson County was well-represented by 8 delegates.  Once again, rules were agreed to, more delegates of various types were elected, electors to the Electoral College were chosen and the platform and resolutions were discussed.  The meeting lasts all afternoon, but the delegates were so involved that some items had to be tabled for lack of time.  The meeting was well managed by Chair Keever and her assistants, who maintained a fine balance between control and open discussion.

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