This week’s selection of blog posts is quite the gold mine because there are two weeks worth of posts.

Swamp People is an update on just how fetid Trump’s circle of appointed officials and hired advisers really is.  It is a world of influence and bribery, apparently the only way our president knows how to operate, and the stink of the swamp is beginning to spread.

To clear your mind and soul, move on to GSMNP and meander with Penny through her favorite spots in one of, if not the one of, her favorite places in the world, our neighboring national park.

The reading selection, Killers of the Flower Moon, is a true-life mystery from early in the last century in which greedy land grabbers used illegal methods, including murder, to steal federal benefits to the Osage Indians.  It seems to fit right in with the atrocities being committed in the name of commerce and public safety in our world today.

Worse Than Ever is a reaction to an article on VOX by Ezra Kline, which argues that however horrible we think our current administration and its policies are, we have survived worse, providing plenty of examples.  You may not be convinced, but it is reassuring.

In A Movement to Watch, Penny applauds the revival by the Reverend Dr. William Barber of the Poor People’s Campaign, 50 years after it fizzled with the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The movement has been expanded from civil rights to the working poor and has the ability to affect elections for some time to come.  We are reminded that “the issues are not blue state issues or red state issues, not left or right issues, not Republican or Democratic Party issues, but right or wrong issues.”

Keep on reading and keep on thinking!