Jackson County Democratic Headquarters

500 Mill Street Sylva
or call Frank Burrell, 828-586-8782, or Carolyn Cagle, 828-508-5296

Party Officers

OrganizationOfficeFirst NameLast NamePhone
JCDP Chairman Frank Burrell 828-586-8782
JCDP 1st Vice Chair Lorna Barnett 828-293-9380
JCDP 2nd Vice Chair Eric Myers 954-253-0470
JCDP 3rd Vice Chair Penny Smith 828-586-6556
JCDP Treasurer Sherri Roper 828-506-5508
JCDP Secretary Pamela Krauss 954-257-5789
NC 11th District Democratic Party Chairman Kathy Sinclair 828-242-5807
NC Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin 919-821-2777

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Jackson County Democratic Party Organizations

OrganizationOfficeFirst NameLast NamePhone
College Dems President Zack Daniels 919-584-3021
College Dems Vice President Lauren Stogner 336-207-4586
Democratic Women of Jackson County President Barbara Bell 828-236-0897
Jackson County Democratic Men's Club President Dan Corsair 314-495-5852
Young Democrats of Jackson County TBD

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Elected Officials

For a complete listing of North Carolina elected officials go to

OrganizationOfficeFirst NameLast NamePhone
Jackson County Sheriff Chip Hall 828-631-9451
Jackson County Register of Deeds Joe Hamilton 828-586-7530
Jackson County Clerk of Superior Court Ann Melton 828-631-6400
Jackson County Board of Commmissioners Chair Brian McMahan 828-508-1466

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Voting Information

OrganizationOfficeFirst NameLast NamePhone
Jackson County Board of Elections Director Lisa Lovedahl-Lehman 828-586-7538

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Precinct Officers

OrganizationOfficeFirst NameLast NamePhone
Barkers Creek Chair Ronald Sutton 828-586-5938
Barkers Creek Vice Chair Charles Easton 828-586-8559
Canada Chair Newton Smith 828-293-5550
Canada Vice Chair Jane Koenig 828-293-1963
Caney Fork Chair Jessica Kirby
Caney Fork Vice Chair Rebecca Kornegay 828-293-3999
Caney Fork Sec/Treas Matthew Kirby 828-506-9979
Cashiers Vice Chair Marilyn Staats 828-743-2558
Cashiers Chair Mark Jones 828-743-9553
Cullowhee Chair Daniel Perlmutter 828-293-5923
Cullowhee Vice Chair Susan Bogardus 828-264-5185
Cullowhee Secretary Mae Claxton 828-293-9298
Cullowhee Treasurer David Claxton 828-200-3672
Glenville Chair Elisher Williams 765-412-3362
Glenville Vice Chair Leslie Haynes 828-226-2968
Greens Creek Chair Mary Corsair 314-496-6152
Greens Creek Vice Chair Ricky Buchanan 828-269-5698
Qualla Chair Joni Ashton 828-497-6901
Qualla Vice Chair David Trigg 828-497-9631
Qualla Sec-Treas Emily Ashton 828-736-3113
River Chair Mary Jo Cobb 828-293-0539
River Vice Chair John Leopard 828-293-5776
River Sec-Treas Virginia Milligan 828-293-0197
Savannah Chair James Lee Buchanan 828-506-9437
Savannah Vice Chair Bryant Fouts 828-450-8785
Savannah Sec-Treas Trent Fouts 828-631-1458
Scotts Creek Vice Chair Thomas McMahan 828-508-1495
Scotts Creek Chair Kathy Farmer 828-586-3265
Sylva North/Dillsboro Chair William Burke 828-399-9119
Sylva North/Dillsboro Vice Chair Sarah Steiner 770-893-7877
Sylva North/Dillsboro Sec-Treas Cynthia Burke 828-586-4556
Sylva-South Wd Chair Betty Dishman 828-331-9626
Sylva-South Wd Vice Chair Sarah Hatton 828-631-0952
Webster Chair James Roper 828-586-5796
Webster Vice Chair Pamela Krauss 954-257-5789
Webster Sec-Treas Ann Melton 828-631-6400

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