Get Involved

The mission of the Jackson County Democratic Party is to elect qualified Democrats to county, state, and national office and to advocate for policies that reflect our values.

Come to Monthly meetings

The Jackson County Democratic Party usually holds meetings on the third Tuesdays of each month at the Headquarters, 600 Mill Street. 6:30 p.m. Contact Frank Burrell Chair at 828-586-8782   or or Lorna Barnett, 1st Vice Chair, or call 828-293-9380 for more information.

Join the Democratic Women of Jackson County

The Democratic Women of Jackson County’s  objectives are  to encourage women to seek public office and  to participate in Democratic Party activities. DWJC has many opportunities to serve the public and make new friends.  All interested women are invited to seek membership.  A critical mass of Democratic Women can make the difference! Come join us!

Democratic Women of Jackson County meets on the 3rd Thursday. See the Calendar Tab for other DWJC events.
Co-Presidents:  Barbara Bell, 828-226-0897, — and Jane Koenig, 1-678-525-0771,

Join the Jackson County Democratic Men’s Club

The Jackson County Democratic Men’s Club works to recruit candidates, advance the Democratic agenda, and elect Democrats to all levels of government.  Check the calendar for meeting dates. The Men’s Club is open to all registered Democratic men and dues are $30 annually.
Randy Cabe, President 828-342-8877

Join the Young Democrats or College Dems

The Young Democrats of Jackson County is an organization for all Jackson County registered Democrats from the ages of 18 to 35 who have an active interest in governmental affairs, who are seeking a mechanism for satisfying political expression, and who want to make the members of the Democratic Party aware that young people intend to take an active role in party affairs.
The Young Democrats of Jackson County organization is currently recruiting new members.  Contact 2nd Vice Chair, Eric Myers, at

Contact person for Western Carolina University College Dems is: President Zack Daniels,, 919-584-3021 or Vice President Lauren Stogner,, 336-207-4586

Talk Politics at the Issues Forum Round Table

Meet with a small group to discuss political issues and strategies, check facts, write letters, and write informational brochures. Contact Eric Myers,

Tell Others Who We Are

The Jackson County Democratic Party  believes in:

* individual liberty as established by the United States Constitution;
* freedom for citizens to vote without barriers;
* a strong national defense paired with support for those individuals who serve our country;
* the responsible use of limited government;
* free enterprise;
* public investments in good roads, effective public schools, affordable university and colleges and basic scientific and medical research;
* prudent regulations that keep our food wholesome, our air clean,our water clear, and our workplaces safe;
* a social safety net to protect our most vulnerable populations;
* a strong and growing middle class sustained by economic fairness and opportunity
* the importance of diversity in building a vibrant nation;
* a responsive, non-partisan judiciary;
* due process and equal access to our legal system;
* freedom from unreasonable government intrusion; and
* the preservation of our natural resources

Reach Out

For more information call  or email our Chair Frank Burrell, 828-586-8782, or or 1st Vice Chair Lorna Barnett, 828-292-9380,