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The mission of the Jackson County Democratic Party is to elect qualified Democrats to county, state and national offices and to advocate for policies that reflect our values.


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What I’m Reading: Mark Bowden “General Chaos”, by Penny Smith

The Atlantic (November, 2019); 42-49 Mark Bowen’s article is subtitled: “What Top Military Officers Really Think about Trump.” He divides his critique into five categories, each of which should make you shiver a tad. First, President Trump “disdains expertise.” We...

Thom Tillis Watch: 10/10/2019, by Penny Smith

From the US Congressman Thom Tillis Twitter Feed: “It’s easy to sleep knowing that Justice Brett Kavanaugh serves on our Supreme Court, upholding our Constitution and protecting our values.” Yes, indeed, I sleep better knowing the man who, as an adolescent, bragged...

Thom Tillis Watch: 10/9/2019, by Penny Smith

According to US Congressman Thom Tillis, Impeachment is “a waste of resources.” Lawmakers need to focus on our economy rather than shift “resources away from what I don’t believe rises to the level of any kind of impeachment inquiry or impeachment.”  One very...

Impeachment 103, by Penny Smith 11/26/2019

This is the third in a series of observations about the current impeachment hearings against Donald Trump. You can find the others at this site (see Impeachment 101 and Impeachment 102). What do the Democrats say the President did wrong? At the moment there are no...

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