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The mission of the Jackson County Democratic Party is to elect qualified Democrats to county, state and national offices and to advocate for policies that reflect our values.


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Why I Think Trump Should Be Impeached, by Penny Smith

Based on the Mueller Report, which I have read, including all those footnotes, it’s obvious that President Trump obstructed justice multiple times. Based on the Michael Cohen convictions, it’s likewise obvious that Trump probably violated campaign finance laws. Based...

Mark Meadow’s Watch: 10/11/2019, by Penny Smith

Our US Congressman made the October 1, 2019 issue of The New Yorker. It appears that he was once interested in old bones, having purchased considerable property in a Colorado town known for its fossils. Appropriately, it’s named Dinosaur. Three years ago he sold that...

What I’m Reading: Mark Bowden “General Chaos”, by Penny Smith

The Atlantic (November, 2019); 42-49 Mark Bowen’s article is subtitled: “What Top Military Officers Really Think about Trump.” He divides his critique into five categories, each of which should make you shiver a tad. First, President Trump “disdains expertise.” We...

Joe Sam Queen, NC House, Raleigh Report: 11/4/19

The House & Senate are Stalling The legislature will be temporarily adjourned until Wed. November 13th without the Senate taking up the Budget Veto override or the Legislature sitting down with Governor Cooper and negotiating a Comprehensive, Fair and Balanced...

Impeachment 102 (10/24/2019), by Penny Smith

Have the Democrats impeached Trump? The Democrats have not yet impeached Donald Trump. They are in the process of holding investigation hearings to determine if there is sufficient evidence to impeach him. Multiple committees are engaged in such investigations, but...

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