The North Carolina Democratic Party has a page listing all statewide Democratic candidates. Click on candidate’s pictures for their websites, and follow links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts:


North Carolina Democratic Party website.

North Carolina Democratic Party website. Click above to view the complete candidate list on their site.


US also has information on every race, including candidates from all parties:
[Note: Their website will not reflect the redrawn Congressional district maps and US House of Representatives races until after March 25.]


USElections screen capture

USElections screen capture2 website. Click above to open their website in a new window.


Jackson County is in:

  • The 11th US Congressional district
    • Incumbent: Mark Meadows-R
    • Democratic candidates:   Rick Bryson, Tom Hill
  • The 50th State Senate district
    • Incumbent:  Jim Davis-R
    • Democratic candidate (unopposed):  Jane Hipps
  • The 119th State General Assembly district
    • Incumbent:  Joe Sam Queen-D (unopposed