We can all be proud of the things accomplished by

Jackson County Democrats in the June 7 Primary! 


Thanks to the efforts of so many good Democratic volunteers, the ¼ of one cent sales tax passed by a margin of 64% FOR to 36% against.  Because of our efforts, plus those of the Jackson County Commissioners, Dr. Murray and the public schools, Dr. Tomas and Southwestern Community College, and a host of other good community folks, Jackson County will have an estimated $1.2 Million per year for much needed new facilities and repairs for the K-12 Public Schools and Southwestern Community College.  It’s a wonderful example of what can be done to make our community a better place for all our citizens without being a hardship on a small group of people.  Even those visiting will contribute when they spend dollars as they travel here to enjoy the many things Jackson County has to offer.

It’s also nice to know that the tax is not being placed on unprepared food and gasoline, so as not to be an undue burden on anyone.  Our children and grandchildren will see the direct benefit of these tax dollars and the money will stay in Jackson County!

In other Primary news, Rick Bryson carried Jackson County with 55% of the vote and became the Democratic US Congress nominee with a total District 11 margin of 51%-49% over Tom Hill.  Congratulations to both Rick and Tom for running good, clean campaigns and representing District 11 well.  Let’s all get behind Rick and help him defeat shut-the-government-down Mark Meadows in November.

In the NC Supreme Court Associate Justice race, Judge Michael Morgan carried Jackson County.  His opponent incumbent Republican Bob Edmunds falsely claimed endorsement from Jackson County Sheriff Chip Hall and Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher, among others.  Way to go Jackson County for not being fooled by Edmunds shenanigans!  Unfortunately, Morgan and Edmunds will meet again this fall, so we need to remember what Edmunds has done and turnout to defeat him in November.

Whether you wrote, published or copied newsletters and other literature to be mailed or emailed, stuffed envelopes, worked on the website, contributed money, worked inside at the polls, handed out Democratic sample ballots, attended political events, talked to your neighbors, wrote letters to the editor, and turned out to vote, thanks again and congratulations to each and every one of you who had a part making this happen!  We hope you’ll stay engaged and join us again this fall to volunteer and vote so we can take back our great state of North Carolina and maintain the Democratic majority on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. Please call one of us now to voice your willingness to do this important work this fall. Let’s elect Democrats from the Courthouse to the White House!

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