Update!  Julia Buckner, delegate from NC District 11 to the Democratic National Convention, was featured in a front page story in today’s Charlotte Observer.  You can read the article HERE.  We are proud of our delegates!


Just in case you missed it, our WNC delegates in Philadelphia are not only blogging about their experiences at the convention HERE, but they are also live streaming on Facebook from their perch in what appears to be the 1st mezzanine above the floor of the arena.  The Charlotte News and Observer reports that they have one of the prime spots reserved for important swing states (the crowd picture is theirs).  Just go to Facebook and “like” Julia Buckner and/or Logan Wallace.  It’s adds an extra perspective to regular TV coverage and you can start a lively conversation with your friends who are watching as well. Isn’t technology great?!

Natl-Conv-from-News-and-Observer.jpe  logan-with-founding-fathers.jpg