Here are just a few reasons to attend this Tuesday’s debate between Jane Hipps and Jim Davis:

  1. We want to pack the audience with Democrats.  Here in our county, we cannot allow Davis’ supporters to outnumber us.  Jane looks great surrounded by blue!
  2.  If 2014 was any indication, a debate between Hipps and Davis is great entertainment.  Who doesn’t want to see Davis shoot himself in the foot again?
  3.  There has been major PAC money deployed in an effort to defame Jane Hipps.  It is truly dirty politics.  Jane deserves the opportunity to set the record straight.  Let’s turn out to applaud the truth!
  4.  We need an honest person to represent us in Raleigh.  Jane has been working very hard every day to earn your vote and she will work hard for us in Raleigh.  She deserves our support!