After weeks, months, even years of planning, raising money and campaigning, it is now time to let go and CELEBRATE!  That’s what I expect this party to be — a grand celebration of all the races our Democrats have won, from the courthouse to the White House.  It’s no fun sitting home with your TV and your pet for company.  You need to be celebrating with your fellow Jackson Dems!   And if, by some stretch of the imagination, we don’t win them all, it will be best to commiserate with your friends, too.

So once you have finished working in or outside the polls, or at headquarters, or running all over the county getting those last few voters to the polls, come on over to Tuck’s.  Relax with some good food (new, expanded menus shown below, and I have heard the 30″ pizza is fantastic), good drinks, lots of TV’s tuned to the results and all your like-minded buddies for company.  This is going to be good!



Tucks-Menu-Page-1.jpeg Tucks-Menu-Page-2.jpeg