Somebody lit a fire under our blogger this week!  First up, an expose on our very own Congressman, Mark Meadows.  It makes me want to impeach him immediately.  Oh, but wait.  That’s not how it works.  We have to VOTE HIM OUT!  Don’t forget to check out the competition for Meadows’ seat in the House of Representatives at the Spaghetti Supper this Thursday, February 5, 6-8pm, Old Webster School.  All three Democratic candidates for NC-11 — Scott Donaldson, Phillip Price and Steve Woodsmall — will be there so you can get to know them and perhaps decide who to support in the May primary.

Did you know that current Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, Dan Forest (R), is already gearing up to run for Governor against Roy Cooper in 2020?  He has already been endorsed by Mark Meadows and is building a war chest (money).  Read more about the man and the process here.

Want more?  This week’s reading selection explores the historical development of our current Christian society in the United States.  This look at the historical molding of our hearts and minds got my internal rebel all riled up.