There are another three wonderful reads in the Blog this week.  Penny has read another book by David Kay Johnston, The Making of Donald Trump, which peels back whatever facade is left on the president to reveal the real person.  However, the best reason to read this post is Penny’s take on what this means for us going into mid-term elections and her ideas for how we should present our issues and candidates.  Having just spent several hours in meetings yesterday where discussions about our direction popped up frequently, this helped me to focus.  Please click here to enjoy this post.

Relative to another area where we are looking for guidance, read Penny’s review of the book, Can Marches Become a Movement?: Lessons the Tea Party holds for the left today.  There is valid speculation that the rise of the Progressive movement portends an evolution to a three-party system in the United States.  For now, however, we have two major parties:  Democrats and Republicans.  Any candidate who truly wants to win an election needs to run under one of these two parties.  Yes, we can describe them as “liberal” Democrats or “Tea Party” Republicans or moderate/centrists for either side, but unaffiliated candidates just don’t get the votes.  So, how do we make sure the Democratic party is the inclusive party, whose candidates capture the hearts and votes of Americans who do not want to identify themselves with either of the major parties?  This examination of the Tea Party provides some guidance.

Anyone who knows Penny Smith also knows how much she loves baseball.  Forty-Two is the jewel of the week.  A blend of history, philosophy and pure fandom, it will bring you to, or back to, the grand old game just in time for the season openers.  Please read!