Reading Penny’s blog posts every week not only entertains me, it also educates me, gives me new ways to look at current events and reminds me to focus on what’s really important.  The entertainment often has to do with unexpected parallels, for example, the comparison of the U.S. Congress to Japanese Kabuki theater.  This reminds us that much of what our Congress does is a facade, fictional activity to make it look like their doing something useful and to give them talking points for their reelections.  Check this out in BBAs and Republican Duplicity.  To remind yourself just how far the modern Republican Party has strayed from the values many of us grew up with, read My Parents’ Republican Party.  Try memorizing (or printing out if your memory is already full) some of the Eisenhower quotes to share with your still stubborn Republican friends and family.  This week’s primary reading selection is an essay about modern society that evolved from a (mostly) picture book about bridges.  See what I mean about unexpected?

Enjoy.  Tell your friends!