Who do you know who could draw a comparison between James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty:  Truth, Lies and Leadership, and Green Eggs and Ham?  That’s right!  Penny is back!  Penny read all the way through Comey’s book and concludes that it only reinforces her original opinion of him.  Read her article — What I’m Reading 5-27-18 — to learn what that is.

You might think Let Us Now Praise of Honorable Men is dedicated to Memorial Day and fallen soldiers.  Nope.  It is the beginning of a series about our current crop of politicians, examining their words and actions in a search for honor.  First up:  Mitch McConnell.

My favorite of the week is Chairman Mao or Is It Chairman Mau?  Certainly because I’m so involved in electronic billboard advertising these days and saw this ad shortly after it went up, but also because I was so stunned by the message it delivers.  Despite its trumpian inaccuracies, I’m afraid it’s very good marketing.  If it ever stops raining, I’ll get a picture of the ad and put it up here so you can all decide.  Meanwhile, read the article and be thinking about how to counter this.