From the US Congressman Thom Tillis Twitter Feed: “It’s easy to sleep knowing that Justice Brett Kavanaugh serves on our Supreme Court, upholding our Constitution and protecting our values.”

Yes, indeed, I sleep better knowing the man who, as an adolescent, bragged about drinking too much beer and making fun of, perhaps unwelcomingly fondling, girls will be deciding the fate of Americans whose lives so profoundly differ from his own. I do sleep better knowing that his temperament can rise to public rage and his responsiveness to female Senators can encompass sarcasm and diversion.

What Justice Kavanaugh has going for him include wealthy parents, a prep school education, an elite college degree, a Federalist Society endorsement, and conservative friends. What he likely lacks is knowledge about our country and its people outside that exclusive world, a profound lack of empathy reinforced by elitism, and humility. Yep, I’m sure I sleep better knowing where he professionally resides.