According to US Congressman Thom Tillis, Impeachment is “a waste of resources.” Lawmakers need to focus on our economy rather than shift “resources away from what I don’t believe rises to the level of any kind of impeachment inquiry or impeachment.” 

One very important problem with that statement is the House of Representatives, the institution with impeachment responsibility, has been passing legislation helpful to our economy ever since the Democrats regained the majority. Those bills then go to die in the Senate, where Mr. Tillis occupies a seat. So, it’s not impeachment that is delaying focus on the economy, but the Senate.

Another difficulty is that the House of Representatives has a Constitutional responsibility for legislative oversight of the Executive Branch. When President Obama was in office, Republicans put oversight into overdrive, holding hearing after hearing after hearing on issues that had little merit other than the generation of news cycle rants. Now, when the tables turn, Republicans suddenly shrink from that obligation. It’s not an issue of resources, Senator Tillis, but of your politics. 

Oversight no longer fits the GOP narrative of “us great and them bad.” Whether one would ultimately vote in the House of Representatives to impeach, a responsible person would never shy away from inquiry. How, then, do you know whether to cast a “nay” or “yea?” Perhaps Senator Tillis’s time would be better spent attempting to get those waiting bills into committee and up for debate.