Honoring Our Veterans

It was my privilege to attend the Tuscola ROTC Air Force Unit’s 15th Annual Veterans Day Luncheon on Saturday. It was one of many events across our great nation where we recognized the noble and the brave for their service and sacrifice to our country. I’m honored to be joined in this photo by father, B.J. Morrow, WWII, and son, Ron Morrow, Vietnam, who represent multiple generations of proud veterans like many here in our mountain communities. Thank you to all who have served, are currently serving, and to the families who lift up these courageous men and women in uniform every step of the way!

In North Carolina, we continue to strive to improve the life of our veterans and their families. We’re proud to be the most military friendly state in the Nation.

Redistricting Committee

As a member of the Redistricting Committee I’ve been working hard to rebuild the voter’s trust in fair elections across North Carolina. This has been a real struggle with the current Republican Legislative Leadership, but with the help of our Courts, we’re making progress. We still have lots of work to do, but I’m firmly committed to protecting your right to vote and the value of that vote.  

The General Assembly has approved this new map along partisan lines. We’ll see if the court accepts it or requires further fixes to the obvious gerrymandering the Republican Legislators still refuse to remedy.

The Legislature Stalls

The Republican majority continues to call the shots in the capitol. They are ignoring the NC Constitutional mandate to consider the Governor’s Veto and negotiate a True Comprehensive, Balanced Budget. Instead, the Republicans in the General Assembly are just stalling, playing political games. Again, along party lines, the Republican Leadership has just adjourned for two months without doing their job.

Governor Cooper continues to offer an Alternative Compromise Budget that is sensible and balanced:

  • Invests in teacher pay with a solid 8.5 % raise versus the Republican 3.8% offer. Instead of a billion dollars more in corporate tax cuts.
  • Proposes a True School $3.5 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Bond, instead of a political slush fund. (The SCIF SCAM)
  • Expands Medicaid, closing the coverage gap for half a million North Carolinians, instead of wasting $4 billion each and every year.
  • The difference means billions for North Carolina.