Did you know that Mark Meadows voted against the following things so far in 2019?

  • requiring health care and social service workers to have a plan for preventing workplace violence (Meadows voted NO)
  • preserving 400,000 acres of Colorado land for public use (Meadows voted NO)
  • banning uranium mines from proximity to the Grand Canyon (Meadows voted NO)
  • requiring campaigns to report offers of assistance from foreign countries (Meadows voted NO)
  • overturning Trump’s emergency declaration so he can move military funds to build part of his wall (Meadows voted NO)
  • banning companies from requiring private arbitration to resolve disputes (Meadows voted NO)
  • banning drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts (Meadows voted NO)
  • establishing decent standards for people in our custody at the border (Meadows voted NO)
  • raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour (Meadows voted NO)
  • blocking the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia (Meadows voted NO)
  • condemning Trump’s racist remarks about four congresswomen (Meadows voted NO)
  • providing humanitarian aid for our southern border (Meadows voted NO)
  • creating a path for citizenship for DACA recipients (Meadows voted NO)
  • lowering prescription drug costs and reversing negative changes to the Affordable Care Act (Meadows voted NO)
  • providing additional disaster relief to Puerto Rico (Meadows voted NO)
  • blocking Trump from withdrawing from the Paris agreement on climate change (Meadows voted NO)
  • restoring net neutrality regulations (Meadows voted NO)
  • updating ethics rules, expanding voting rights and requiring disclosure of tax records for presidential candidates (Meadows voted NO)
  • providing law enforcement with more time to conduct background checks for gun sales (Meadows voted NO)

In other words, he supports workplace violence; loss of public lands; uranium mining near the Grand Canyon; limited reporting on campaign aid offers from non-Americans; moving military funds to the southern border for a wall that experts say will not be a deterrent; requiring arbitration for workplace disputes, even though arbitration almost always favors corporations over workers and customers; drilling off our coast; keeping the minimum wage lower than what’s necessary to make a living; racist remarks in certain situations; no humanitarian aid at our border, one assumes even for children separated from parents; a path to deportation of DACA recipients; limiting disaster relief following natural tragedies; messing up the Affordable Care Act, thereby depriving millions of access to decent health insurance; ignoring climate change; altering internet access to favor the rich; limiting access to voting; and eliminating gun regulation of even the most minimal kind. Do you?

Information from voting records as summarized at FiveThirtyEight on line. There are several sites that let you track bills and votes on line. The FiveThirtyEight site is one of the most accessible.