We’re entering the Holiday Season with a recess, even though the work in the capitol isn’t done: We don’t have a True Comprehensive, Balanced Budget. We have a Constitutional System of checks and balances. When the legislature presents a budget that is inadequate or unwise it is the Governor’s, the executive branch’s, responsibility to veto it and propose a better way. Then the legislature is to consider the veto and either override it, or work toward a commonly accepted solution. This has not yet been done, even though the Governor has offered every opportunity since July to do so. North Carolina is in a historic situation of legislative delay due to the Republican Legislative Leadership’s unwillingness to negotiate.

The Governor has cooperated on a series of mini budgets, but there are still three very important issues that remain to be solved for North Carolina to get to a Truly Fair, Comprehensive, and Balanced Budget which works for all North Carolinians.

First, will we continue to deny a half million of our hardest working lowest paid citizens healthcare, which we have already paid for? Records show that over a thousand North Carolinians will actually die due to the lack of healthcare coverage. Governor Cooper believes that North Carolina is better than that. See my video.

Secondly, will we give our teachers appropriate pay raises, or will we give our wealthiest corporations another billion dollar tax cut? What will North Carolina’s priorities be, making the rich richer, or moving forward with real educational opportunities for all North Carolinians? Read more in my Town Hall Recaps.

Lastly, will we offer our citizens the opportunity to pass an Education and Infrastructure Bond, that is fair, timely, transparent and certain, or will we choose a fat political slush fund at the legislative leadership’s disposal, where investments won’t be fair, transparent, timely, or certain (the SCIF SCAM)? The Governor knows the bond is a better way.

The Governor has vetoed the Republican Conference Budget because there are much better, in fact Billions Better, options for investing in the educational, healthcare and infrastructure needs of our state.