Coronavirus Update

As of today, March 27, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has reported one case of Covid-19 in Jackson County. Haywood and Swain still have no reported cases. I’d like to continue to ask all citizens to adopt safe practices, follow the Governor’s executive orders as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.
Governor Cooper has issued Executive Order 120 which closes K-12 public school statewide through May 15, bans mass gatherings over 50 people and closes some businesses. The order currently keeps governmental establishments and airports open.
Additionally, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 121 today, March 27, 2020 ordering North Carolinians to remain in their homes except for performing essential work and essential activities such as taking care of others, obtaining necessary supplies, and for health and safety purposes.
This Stay at Home Order will help slow the spread of COVID-19 and prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed by keeping individuals from being exposed to the virus and keeping those who have the virus from spreading it to others.
Myself, Governor Cooper and many of my fellow legislators are all working hard to provide North Carolina with the necessary strategies and resources to weather the Coronavirus. Stay tuned for periodic updates.

The Importance of Social Distancing, For a While

The graphic above emphasizes the importance of social distancing for a whilein reducing the number of people who fall ill with Covid-19. We can all do our part and keep our distance to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.

Things We Can Do

Virtual Town Hall Scheduled

I’ve received numerous calls and emails from constituents who are concerned about the global COVID-19 pandemic and want to know how their state is working to protect and serve them. I will be hosting a virtual and telephone Town Hall event on Saturday, April 4th at 11:00 a.m. to address those concerns and speak directly with you, my constituents in Jackson, Haywood and Swain. If you have pressing questions that you would like me to cover, please email or text those in advance to: or 910-632-0707.
Citizens can participate in the Town Hall one of two ways: dial in by phone or view a live video stream online. The dial in and website information is listed below. To access the Town Hall, click this link or dial 312-626-6799 and enter the pin 177-922-853#.

Useful Resources

Below are some credible and useful links regarding the virus:


Joe Sam’s Notes

In the days, weeks and months ahead let us all keep one another in our thoughts and prayers. This pandemic is having great consequences on all aspects of our lives and our economy. During these times I request that you especially remember those without a job or paycheck. Remember those without healthcare. Remember many don’t have internet access and are isolated. Remember many are without the necessary resources to weather this pandemic for very long. Many will need food, housing and care. Remember the many in healthcare and emergency services that are serving, often in harms way, to help us all. There will be much for us to do for one another in weeks ahead.

This is a time to come together and be thoughtful and respectful as we support one another. We will get through this to recovery and become stronger and wiser than ever.
As we face this crisis together I want everyone to do their part and stay safe. I’m working remotely and planning a virtual town hall that I hope will be helpful. I’d appreciate it if you’d join in and share this newsletter so others can participate in the town hall as well. We all need to share good, credible information as we work our way through this crisis.
Please remember that we’re all in this one together. All our best efforts are just that. This is a new, unknown virus that is much more contagious and deadly than the flu we’re familiar with. While we have no cure, social distancing is our best response.
It’s not exactly possible to be precise about what is going to happen in the near future. We are learning as we go. Right now, North Carolina is advancing forward with the best approach that is based on the knowledge that we actually have. But it’s a moving target, and as the facts change, we will learn from our experience and adjust accordingly.
In the meantime, if you or a loved one is concerned about your health, the numbers for each of District 119’s Health Departments are listed below:
Haywood – (828) 452-6620
Jackson – (828) 586-8994
Swain – (828) 488-3198