Smoky Mountain High School weekly newsletter:

Remote Learning Begins Tuesday
Remote learning for all Jackson County Public Schools students begins on Tuesday, Mar. 31. Teachers have been working hard to make contact with all of their students and to prepare instruction that will be delivered online and/or through printed packets. A website has been created that will contain contact information for all teachers, along with links to learning resources and other help. The address is: A link for the site will be added to the student ClassLink homepage.
New information will be added to the site on a regular basis, but if you have any questions in the meantime about the new remote learning process, please call the school at 586-2177.

Food Delivery Update
Food delivery by school bus will be consolidated beginning this week. The times will be adjusted and may be different from previous delivery times. Please be patient with us as we work to make this system more efficient and better for our overall community. Our goal is to eventually have a consistent time this you can depend on.

If you or a family you know needs to sign up for food delivery, please complete the form at this link: If you are interested in volunteering to help with the food delivery program, please visit the same site and choose the appropriate link. If you have any questions about the food delivery program, please call the school at 586-2177.

Important Contact Information
Due to school closings, it is more important than ever that the school have up-to-date contact information for every Smoky Mountain High School student. Teachers have made contact with students with phone calls, texts, and/or emails, but not every student has been reachable. If you know any student who has not heard from the school or who has limited contact information, please call 586-2177 if you have contact information for them. We understand that not everyone has internet access, so it is especially important for us to be able to reach them by phone.

All students are urged to check their school email which can be accessed through ClassLink (Office365: Outlook) which does not require a sign in if students are logged into their school devices, or by going directly to and signing in. Student email addresses are always their computer username followed by Their passwords are the same as the password they use to login to their school computer. Students are also encouraged to download the Outlook app to their phones or devices. Outlook sends notifications whenever new email has arrived.

Any student who needs technical help can call the technology help desk directly at 586-2177, x1999.