The Sylva Herald

The Jackson County Transfer Station and the Staffed Recycling Centers are open at this time. If you have any questions concerning waste disposal call 586-7757. If anything changes concerning waste disposal the department will contact appropriate sources for public information.

Some recycling tips from the department:

• Remember to rinse out any containers you wish to recycle. They don’t have to be dishwasher clean but make sure that the recycling workers won’t be exposed to old food residue or COVID-19. Place them into the container bin at the SRC.

• Mixed paper, envelops, newspaper, paperback books, etc., can be placed in the mixed paper/fiber bins.

• Any paper with plastic or wax coatings should be placed in the trash along with shredded paper.

Measures to keep your family safe:

1) The governor’s mandate requires us to stay at least 6 feet away from other people so it just makes sense to wait until the car in front of yours pulls away from the trash compactor to get out of your own vehicle. At the recycle bins keep your distance; if you have to cough or sneeze, do so into your inner elbow.

2) It might be a good idea to wear gloves. It is not required. You don’t have to wear rubber hospital gloves; just old work gloves will do to place your things into the recycling bins and trash compactor. Once you get back in your car, put the gloves into a plastic grocery bag then use some hand sanitizer. Wash your hands as soon as you can.

3) As you are placing items in the recycling bins, avoid brushing up against the bin itself. Even though they are in the sun you never know what might be lingering there.

4) When you arrive back at your home, think about leaving your shoes outside to avoid tracking unwanted residues inside. Again, this is not required.

5) Wash your hands after entering your home. Do so frequently and stay home as much as possible.

If you have any questions about waste disposal and recycling in Jackson County call 586-7757 or 586-7509. Department personnel will answer any questions.