A Message from CD11 Chair Kathy Sinclair

As we grieve through another wave of social injustice, and the inequities and disparities that African Americans experience every day of their lives, the North Carolina Democratic Party approved the passage of a platform that strongly embraces equal rights and civil liberties for all.  BLACK LIVES MATTER.  You can find the full text of the platform HERE.

We are heartened by the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding DACA and protections for the LGBTQ community in the workplace.  The BLACK LIVES MATTER protests, the worsening pandemic and a daily barrage of tweets remind us all how critical it is that we win in November.

Now that we know Madison Cawthorn will be Moe Davis’ rival for our congressional seat, let’s strengthen our focus and efforts on Moe Davis winning this race for all residents of Western North Carolina. We need all hands on deck to defeat Republicans up and down the ballot, so please volunteer with your county party today or contact us if you’d like ideas on how to get involved.

Real change requires policy change.  Our Democratic candidates embrace the Democratic platform and will introduce bills to create new policy.  Vote the entire Democratic slate and…

Don’t Forget the Judges!
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Judicial candidates running statewide are:

Chief Justice Cheri Beasley :  

Cheri Beasley has served on the NC Supreme Court since 2012, and was named Chief Justice in March 2019.  Chief Justice Beasley was the first State Supreme Court Justice in the nation to speak out on how courts must do better when serving the African American community. Her full statement can be found HERE.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted Beasley’s statement, writing, “As demonstrations after George Floyd’s killing in police custody unfolded across the nation last week, the chief justice of North Carolina weighed in with her own declaration—the first in a wave of extraordinary statements by jurists around the country.” Within days, state supreme courts and chief justices around the country began to echo Chief Justice Beasley’s call, issuing their own statements on what they said was the judiciary’s role in perpetuating injustices and pledging to root out racial bias.”

Justice Mark Davis
Appointed March 2019 to fill the vacancy created when Cheri Beasley was appointed Chief Justice.

Judge Lucy Inman 
Currently serving on the NC Court of Appeals since 2014.

Judge Chris Brook
Currently serving on the NC Court of Appeals since being appointed by Governor Cooper in May 2019.
Judge Lora Christine Cubbage
Currently serving as a Superior Court Judge since being appointed by Governor Cooper in October 2018.
Tricia Shields
A trial and appellate court lawyer, Tricia Shields has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America since 2003, and teaches Trial Advocacy at Campbell Law School.
Gray Styers 
Mr. Styers has practiced law for almost 3 decades in Raleigh and is recognized for his volunteer service in the legal profession.
Judge Reuben F. Young
Currently serving on the NC Court of Appeals since being appointed by Governor Cooper in April 2019.

Lorna Barnett Elected PLEO Delegate to the DNC for Joe Biden

Congratulations to CD11 Secretary, Lorna Barnett, who was elected at the NCDP State Convention to represent North Carolina as a Joe Biden delegate at the Democratic National Convention in August.  Lorna was elected in the Party Leader/Elected Official (PLEO) category.  We’re excited for Lorna and so pleased she’ll be joining the other delegates elected at the District Convention.

Mark Your Calendars
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Visit NC District 11 website events page to learn more about these exciting upcoming events.

  • Deborah Ross, Senator Valerie Foushee, Senator Kirk deViere, and other engaged supporters on June 29 6-7PM. Tickets Required
  • Jenna Wadsworth’s Rainbow Wave Reception. Join Vernetta Alston, Deb Butler, Kendra Johnson, Annise Parker, and Jenna Wadsworth on June 29 at 7PM

Special mention!!

  • NCDP and Chairman Goodwin are virtually headed to WNC North Carolina for a Rural NC Listening Tour with Wayne Goodwin for (Avery, Gaston, Lincoln, Catawba, Burke, Cleveland, Rutherford, McDowell, Mitchell, Polk, Henderson, Caldwell) Friday, July 3rd at 10:00AM – 11:15AM
  • NCDP and Chairman Goodwin are virtually headed to WNC North Carolina for a Rural NC Listening Tour with Wayne Goodwin for (Jackson, Macon, Clay, Haywood, Transylvania, Cherokee, Graham, Swain, Madison, Yancey) Friday, July 3, 2020   12:30 PM  1:30 PM
  • Moe Davis welcomes Diana McCall, Garden Manager at the Black Mountain Community Garden July 6, 12:20-1:30 p.m.
  • Moe Davis talks with Richard G. Sneed, Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians July 9, 7-8 p.m
  • Former White House Communications Director and Pod Save America co-host, Dan Pfeiffer, will be joining Ronnie Chatterji for a reception on July 13th  8-9PM
  • Brian Caskey for NC 48 Senate is hosting a fundraiser Golf Tournament  July 22 at noon.

Governor Cooper signs HB 1169
Last week, Gov. Roy Cooper signed a voting-related bill into law. This should help make voting safer and easier this fall, even if the pandemic conditions continue.
House Bill 1169 includes several changes to facilitate voting by absentee ballot. It also funds measures to reduce potential coronavirus spread during in-person voting. Among its provisions, the bill:

  • Reduces the absentee ballot witness requirement from two to one
  • Allows voters to submit an absentee ballot request form via email, online portal, fax, mail, or in person. (Prior to this bill, voters could submit an absentee ballot request form only by mail or in person.)
  • Gives counties greater flexibility in where they assign poll workers, better allowing them to address possible poll worker shortages at precincts
  • Allocates state matching funds to take advantage of federal CARES Act and HAVA money
  • Allocates funds to counties to prepare for elections amid COVID-19, including the purchasing of personal protective equipment for use at polling places and increasing recruitment and compensation of poll workers
  • Allocates funds for election security and continuity of operations in case of disaster

In his signing statement, Gov. Cooper said, “Making sure elections are safe and secure is more important than ever during this pandemic, and this funding is crucial to that effort. This legislation makes some other positive changes, but much more work is needed to ensure everyone’s right to vote is protected.”

Potential Funding Loss Due to Census Non-Response
Complete and accurate census information is very important to our community.  Census.nc.gov states “The data collected from the US Census helps determine political representation for our state and the amount of funding invested in our communities. Census data helps decide how more than $16 billion in federal funding gets used each year. By completing the 2020 Census, you will help:
  • Determine the number of representatives in Congress for North Carolina
  • Allocate federal funds in North Carolina
  • Establish the boundaries for voting and school districts
  • Provide information needed to improve schools, roads, health care, emergency response and other services in your community.”
Several District 11 counties are among those with the fewest completed census questionnaires in North Carolina. Complete your questionnaire today using one of the following methods:
  • Online by visiting my2020census.gov.
  • By phone by calling 1-800-923-8282. For information on language support, click here for a listing of telephone numbers.
  • Via mail

The NCDP State Convention went virtual this year
The 2020 NCDP first ever Virtual Convention went fairly well considering the challenges of internet connectivity across the state.  Congratulations and gratitude go to NCDP staff and our own Jeff Rose for setting it up.  Some highlights of the convention were the speaker and candidate videos.  You can watch the videos using the links below.  
Dr. Reverend Barber’s Remarks
Governor Roy Cooper
NC Supreme Court, Chief Justice Cheri Beasley
The Singing Teague Sisters
Marc & Anita Pruett
Vice President, Joe Biden
Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate
Jessica Holmes for Commissioner of Labor
Yvonne L. Holley for Lieutenant Governor 
DNC Chair, Tom Perez
Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx
Ronnie Chatterji for NC Treasurer
NC Supreme Court Candidates

Convention Election Results
PLEO Delegates
At-Large Delegates

Counties are gearing up!
Now is the time when counties are getting busy gearing up to reach out to voters ahead of the 2020 election.  Due to the limitations caused by the pandemic several strategies are being used by the counties for GOTV efforts.  These include getting absentee ballot requests out to voters and following through to make sure they are successfully submitted.

Henderson County Democratic Party is pursuing a Get Out the Vote strategy by placing double faced signs reflecting Democratic Values on party members front yards (private property) that have high traffic exposure.  Please check zoning in county/city limits to see what is permissible and learn the rules regarding the size and content of the disclaimer on the signs.  Messaging targets the unaffiliated voter, women and potentially the moderate, educated, thoughtful Republican women fed up with Republican policies and politicians both nationally and locally.  Messages are designed to give any “fed-up” voter permission to vote BLUE.  Bob Hartsell welcomes any of you to use these messages if you feel they will work in your county.

Buncombe County’s website is featuring absentee/mail-in ballots instructions and candidate videos from the state convention.  The HQ will be open with a limited plan on July 6.  Volunteers will be distributing yard signs and answering the phone.  Social distancing and sanitizing will be utilized. BCDP training has eight instructional videos on YouTube. Volunteers are also participating in phone banking targeting registered Democrats, and on the precinct level targeting unaffiliated voters.  BCDP conducted a candidate virtual town hall with Sec of State Elaine Marshall on June 4, NC Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley on June 10 and Justice Beasley, Justice Mark Davis, and Judge Lucy Inman on June 20. They will hold a District 48 and 49 Town Hall on July 16, and a Buncombe Legislative Delegation Town Hall on July 18.



Located in the heart of downtown Franklin at 143 Porter Street.  The office opened June 23.  “We want to thank our generous donors as well as the committee members who made this headquarters a reality for the Macon County Democratic Party,” said Gary St. Arnauld, Chair.  Volunteers are wearing face masks, maintaining 6 feet distancing and sanitizing surfaces. Visitors will be provided face masks.  Until we get the ‘green light’ from local and state officials, the number of volunteers and visitors in the headquarters will be limited. Office hours are posted at the county webiste.

As always we need to hear what you are doing.  Please communicate with us what is working for you.

2020 Convention Plan Updates     On June 24 the Associated Press published an article about the DNC’s plan to go virtual with the National Convention.  Read More.
Rock the Vote Signs
Be a part of helping District 11 Democrats raise money for our 2020 Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts. We have 4 exciting versions of 12″ x 12″ yard signs available for you to display and have your voice be heard during the COVID-19 era.

  •      IT’S UP TO YOU, VOTE!

Each sign is $10 each, and available for pick-up or delivery (sorry, but shipping is not available).
Click here to order:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/nc11yardsigns#




From 3VC: Comunications

The NC District 11 website is updated regularly.  County chairs are encouraged to have their 3rd VCs (or the person in charge of communications) get in touch to coordinate communication and planning.  Please visit your county page on the District 11 website(nc11democrats.org) and send any updates such as website URLs, FB, Twitter, Instagram addresses, postal and physical addresses, phone numbers and County officers names positions and contact email addresses (or phone).  Please also visit the state website,NCDP.org and make sure the NCDP3VC has the correct information for your county posted there.  I noted some inconsistencies so please check the state website listings.

Guidelines for posting information on the District 11 website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram are available upon request.  Please forward your suggestions to the email below and we will consider your input in revisions.
Candidate Events:  During the period from the NC primary until the general election in November Candidates may post events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   Please send detailed requests with pictures for addition to the District 11 Events Calendar.  Pictures with captions of events that have recently happened in our counties are also welcome.  Please try to get permission from people before taking photos.  It’s respectful.
Karen Albig Smith 3VC: Communications     karen@programservices.org

Look for our next newsletter in late June.