If there were any doubts about what this election means, the stakes were made clear late Thursday when the Trump Administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court asking it to strike down the Affordable Care Act.
They did this in the middle of a pandemic, with millions having lost their jobs and employee healthcare coverage.
As many as 23 million Americans, including thousands in Western North Carolina, will lose their healthcare if the Court agrees. There will be no more coverage guarantees for those with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies will be able to put caps on coverage costs and bankruptcies from medical bills will skyrocket.
Madison Cawthorn, the Republican nominee in the 11th District, has made clear he supports the administration wholeheartedly. Do you really want him anywhere near the levers of power in Washington?
We ask you to donate to this campaign so often because we know what’s at stake.
Now you do, too.
Donate. Please.
A 3½ acre plot of land beside Interstate 40 in Black Mountain goes mostly unnoticed by passersby as they head east toward Hickory, Winston-Salem and points beyond. But a few turns off the highway will take you to the largest community garden in Western North Carolina, which feeds and nourishes the people of Black Mountain.
“One of my favorite quotes from another community garden organizer is, ‘Garden’ is not the most important word in ‘community garden,’ ’’ said Diana McCall, Garden Manager for the Dr. John Wilson Community Garden. “What we do out here is first and foremost about community. So we’ve got our mission … and even surrounding that mission for me is, what am I doing to strengthen this community every day?”
That’s what the garden does. It brings people together to tend to their own plots – there are 100 plots being rented right now – with a portion of each plot producing food that is donated to the community. On a recent day as much as 270 pounds was harvested and given to Bounty and Soul in Black Mountain, a community-based non-profit that provides free produce and wellness education.
McCall gets animated as she talks about the row of oat grass growing toward the back of the garden. It produces “milky oats,” with nutrients that can be extracted to help nourish and support the nervous system and ease anxiety.
Homegrown medicine for the people of Black Mountain.
“Growing food and building a healthy community is a moral imperative,’’ McCall said. “And that, from my perspective — and I’ve felt this way for over a decade now — this is what should be happening in every community in our states and in our country.”
McCall believes investing in community gardens is as important as investing in police and fire departments. She would like to see more community gardens spring up throughout the state.
Federal funding for programs can help and Moe Davis is committed to supporting and growing community gardens throughout Western North Carolina when he represents the 11th District in Congress.
It’s a matter of priorities.
We want to congratulate Madison Cawthorn on his victory over Lynda Bennett in last week’s Republican runoff in the 11th Congressional District to determine our opponent.
Now it’s time to turn our attention to November.
We all know that Western North Carolina has fallen behind in access to healthcare, education, jobs that pay well and more. We’ve got an opportunity to change course and lean into the future. Better days are ahead, and we are committed to do all we can to see that we get there.
Moe Davis spent 25 years in the Air Force and retired as a Colonel. One thing he learned in the military: You have to earn your rank. No one in the service starts at the top and we don’t think the people of Western North Carolina believe a congressional seat should be handed to someone like a graduation present.
Experience matters. Leadership matters. Knowledge matters.
There couldn’t be a clearer choice in November.
Last Tuesday’s vote was not a repudiation of the current administration or its disastrous policies. In fact, Cawthorn’s positions are fully aligned with the Trump administration and he proudly promotes himself as Pro-Trump.
Cawthorn’s issues page on his website couldn’t be any thinner. There are almost no real policy positions and he doesn’t even mention education, the environment, jobs and other issues that are critical for Western North Carolina. But from what little is there, it is clear his ideas won’t do much to truly help people here.
Take some time to watch this Moe Talks video from Thursday night, where we compare the policy proposals of each candidate. And please, share it as widely as you can on social media. Folks need to know what is on the line.
Here’s one more fact to consider: If Moe Davis is a member of the House majority, he can make a more significant impact on the lives of people in Western North Carolina than having Cawthorn as a member of the House minority.
As we’ve said, the choice in November couldn’t be any clearer.
If you care about life – and Cawthorn professes to be pro-life – then you should care about the lives of the constituents you hope to represent in Congress.
Why is Cawthorn repeatedly meeting with people in large gatherings without wearing a mask or practicing social distancing? Both have been shown to protect us from contracting COVID-19, which has already claimed the lives of over 125,000 Americans (including over 1,300 North Carolinians). And wearing a mask is now required while out in public in North Carolina.
We’ve seen what happens when so-called leaders decide the rules don’t apply to them: People die.
Do we really want to go there? Again?
Common Defense, a grassroots organization with 150,000 members that organizes, trains and mobilizes veterans to elect progressive leaders has endorsed Moe Davis for Congress.
“North Carolinians need someone to stand up for them against the corruption in Washington,” said US Army veteran Jose Vasquez, the Executive Director of Common Defense. “Moe Davis has what it takes to fight the power of corporate special interests, ensure the end of the forever war, and take care of our veterans and military families. Amid a global pandemic and economic crisis, our country has to come together to overcome these challenges, but the Republicans want us to be divided. Veterans like Moe are natural leaders who bring people together, which is why we’re proud to endorse him and support his campaign.”
Common Defense joins among veterans groups endorsing Davis for Congress. He is also endorsed by the Sierra Club, the North Carolina Association of Educators, the AFL-CIO Western North Carolina Central Labor Council, Equality NC, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Patriotic Millionaires and the Progressive Turnout Project. Davis has also been awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.
“Thank you, Common Defense!” Davis said. “I’m gratified to have millions of veterans standing with me in my battle for the NC-11 congressional seat Mark Meadows abandoned for Trump. The nation is at a crossroads, where we either stand up and defend our democracy or we lay down and surrender to authoritarianism. We took an oath to defend our Constitution and we stand together to honor that commitment.”
Make sure you are counted.
The census is taken every 10 years and tracks the population of the United States, and it’s critical in determining federal aid to our district.
Beyond that, North Carolina has a chance to gain a seat after the 2020 Census is complete, maybe even more than one depending on our population growth. But that’s only if our population numbers are accurately counted. So it is essential that we get the word out to as many as possible to take the census online.
If you have the time, read this essay by Caroline Randall WIlliams from the New York Times. If you don’t have the time, make the time.
Powerful stuff.
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June 30th is the FEC’s Second Quarter deadline. We will report total dollars raised and total number of donors. Both are important to attract the support of large donors, endorsements from key political figures, donations from PACs aligned with Democratic values, and the support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (the DCCC). 
If you are planning on making another donation, and you have the financial wherewithal, please give as much as you can. The next four months will go quickly. And the other side has access to seemingly inexhaustible buckets of money. Thanks so much.
Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
Mountain Strong