This was an important week for the Moe Davis for Congress Campaign. Col. Davis made a national TV appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and received an endorsement from North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper.  (click on picture to see entire interview)

Col. Davis is vying with Madison Cawthorn for the seat previously occupied by Mark Meadows, now the White House Chief of Staff. That means North Carolina’s 11th District is now on President Trump’s radar as well. Moving forward, this race is likely to continue receiving national attention.

That’s good for us. The more attention this race receives, the more obvious it becomes that Col. Davis is the only candidate with the experience, knowledge and leadership ability to make a difference for Western North Carolina. With about 100 days to go, it is now a sprint to the finish line!

Thanks so much for your support, and keep spreading the word!

If you haven’t seen the interview yet, here is the video of Moe’s appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe last Thursday.

It’s all there. Knowledge. Leadership. A focus on issues that affect Western North Carolina. This is what a real representative looks like.


We received notice last Monday that Gov. Cooper had endorsed Col. Davis. Just as important as national attention, state-wide recognition can only help our campaign moving forward.

Thank you, Gov. Cooper!



Want to help elect Moe Davis to Congress? Here’s how you can do it without spending money. And you don’t even need to live in Western North Carolina.

All you have to do is help us spread the word on social media. Interactions with our @MoeDavisforCongress Facebook and Instagram accounts impact their algorithms and ultimately affect how many people see our posts.

So here’s how we can push Facebook and Instagram to promote Moe Davis:

1. React to a post with a like or a heart.
2. Click on all links within a post.
3. Leave a positive comment, “Go Moe!” or a hand clap emoji, etc.
4. Share the post.
5. If there is a video, click on the link and watch at least ten seconds.
6. Click on all photos in a post.
7. Invite friends to “like” the Moe Davis for Congress Facebook page.
8. Go back to old posts and like them as well.

9. And please subscribe to Moe’s YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Nate Worley for these tips that we hope will help spread the word about Moe Davis and help him win in November.



Kudos to MountainTrue for joining with the Southern Environmental Law Center and 15 other conservation organizations to defend the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

For 50 years, NEPA has required federal agencies to assess the potential environmental impact of proposed major actions before deciding whether to proceed. The Trump administration’s recent overhaul of NEPA regulations reduces the types and number of federal infrastructure projects and land management actions subject to environmental review.

Even more alarming, it revokes a requirement that climate change and other “cumulative environmental effects” be considered and limits opportunities for affected populations, such as communities of color, to challenge proposed projects.

Deregulation like this puts our environment — the economic engine of our economy in Western North Carolina — at risk. We need leaders in Washington who will fight to protect our environment.




Do you have a yard that faces a major road, highway or interstate? Do you want a large — 4′ X 6′ — Moe Davis for Congress sign to display? Email us at and we will get a large display sign to you as soon as we can. (Use the same address for the regular sized signs and magnetic bumper stickers.)

Thank you!



COVID-19 restrictions got you locked down and bored at home? Want to talk?

How about chatting with voters in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District about Moe Davis?
We are asking for volunteers nationwide to phone bank for us, calling voters to get our message out. Calls can be made from anywhere in the country.
The more people know about Moe, his background, experience, knowledge and policy positions, the more likely they will support him. So please go to to add your name if you can help.
Join us. Be a part of a team that flips Mark Meadows’s seat blue in November. It will feel soooo good.



Madison Cawthorn recently attended a Trump fundraiser in Washington where he showed a video and had the opportunity to get in front of the GOP donor class. He’s already selling us out.

Those donors are going to pour millions into buying this seat. And Cawthorn’s vote.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Donate. If you can, and as much as you can. We can’t let Cawthorn anywhere near Washington.


Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.
Mountain Strong