A Message from CD11 Chair Kathy Sinclair
I hope each of you are in good health, staying safe, and wearing a mask in public.   Wearing a mask protects others and reduces the spread of COVID-19. We all want small businesses to re-open safely and be able to remain open.  We all want workers to return to a safe workplace and unemployment rates to drop. We all want children and teachers to return to school and learn in a safe environment.  We all want our family, friends and neighbors to be healthy, and safe from COVID-19.  At this time, the only safe way to make this happen is to practice the 3Ws…Wear a Mask…Wait at least 6 feet apart…Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.  Thanks for doing your part.
November 3rd is just over 3 months away, so now is the time to provide voters with complete and accurate election information.  Several reliable resources are available to voters, and here are just a few to share with your friends and neighbors.
Absentee Ballot Requests

No Excuse Absentee Voting is available to ALL voters in North Carolina.  Absentee Ballot Requests are now being accepted by your local Board of Elections, and anyone receiving an Absentee Ballot will still have the option to vote in person.  The first thing to do is obtain an Absentee Ballot Request Form and submit it to your local Board of Elections.
CLICK HERE to download a Request Form from the North Carolina State Board of Election.  Page 1 includes instructions on how to complete your request.  Page 2 is the Absentee Ballot Request which you’ll complete and return to your local Board of Elections.  Page 3 is where to find the address for your local Board of Elections.  Some Boards of Elections allow Request Forms to be submitted electronically, so double-check with your local BOE for your county’s instructions.

Your actual Absentee Ballot should arrive sometime during the month of September.  To help prevent a backlog, it’s recommended that ballots be completed and returned as soon as possible.  More information on this process will follow in a future newsletter.

Andy Millard, Chair of the Polk County Democratic Party has put together this very helpful video to address questions. Scroll down to county news to find the link to the video.  

One more thing…we’d like a to ask you a favor.   Once you’ve requested an Absentee Ballot Request Form please let District 11 know by emailing us at nc11democrats@gmail.com. And if you don’t mind, include your cell phone number.  We’d like to touch base with you closer to the election via a text message.  Thank you.

Voter Guide/Sample Ballots
Another helpful resource is the link https://slate.ncdems.civicengine.com  where voters are able to obtain a personal voting guide/sample ballot.  Voters simply click on the link, enter an address, and they’ll see all the candidates on their ballot.  This link will be updated with Board of Education and Soil & Water Conservations candidates in the near future.

Voter Registration
Voter Registration is now available online to DMV customers who have either a North Carolina driver’s license or DMV-issued ID.  At this site, voters can register, update their voter registration, registration address or update their party affiliations.  There is no fee for this service.  Learn more at https://www.ncsbe.gov/Voters/Registering-to-Vote.

District 11: Executive Committee Meeting

Members of the District 11 Executive Committee are required to attend or provide a proxy.
The District 11 Executive Committee Meeting is Wednesday, August 5th at 6:30 – 8:00PM.  Click the link above for a proposed agenda and information on how to join the meeting.  Two important agenda items include electing members to the Resolutions & Platform Committee and the Council of Review.  Both current members are running for re-election, however nominations will be taken from the floor.  Jeff Rose has served as our representative on the Resolutions & Platform Committee since 2018.  Beth Osgaard is serving a 2nd non-consecutive term on the Council of Review.

Protecting our Vote in the 11th District! 
In order to ensure everyone’s vote will be protected in November, we are:
  • Communicating with staff at the Boards of Election in all 17 counties to learn their plans for safety procedures at the polls, adequate staffing, and accommodating an increased number of absentee ballots.   Poll workers tend to be seniors who are at risk for Covid-19 complications, so some counties are in need of younger poll workers and staff.  These are paid positions so please check with your county boards if you’re willing to work when the polls open.
  • Working on a District plan for addressing any voter intimidation or irregularities that may arise. County party officials will have direct lines to our attorneys as needed.
  • Informed and prepared voters are the best protection when casting our ballots. This site – www.vote.org –  provides information for voters about their registration, absentee ballots, and polling locations. Please share it with every Democratic voter you know!
  • Urging Democrats to consider helping their county parties as poll greeters or official poll observers representing our party at the polls.   These folks will be on the front lines for reporting any problems voters may encounter.
Phone Banking is Now Our #1 Method for Reaching Voters!  

Political experts agree that phone banking as one of top ways to win an election, and this year, we are even more dependent on making calls because we’re unable to knock on doors.  Prior to Covid-19 about 10% of the folks we called picked up their phones, but we’re finding the pick-up rates are closer to 50% now because people are at home and eager to chat.  If your county wants help setting up a local phone bank to reach voters, please contact Kathie Kline at kathiebkline@gmail.com or 828-776-3751.  She can also pull lists for you if you’d prefer writing postcards.

Texting to Promote Absentee Ballot Requests  

We are preparing to embark on a texting campaign to encourage over 60,000 voters in our District to request absentee ballots. Democratic and left-leaning Unaffiliated voters with verified cell phone numbers living in 16 of 17 counties will receive these texts (Buncombe County has its own texting plan and we don’t want to duplicate effort).  If the response is positive and if resources allow, we may fund another campaign to Get Out the Vote when the polls open.

2020 Convention Plan Updates  
Our delegates are now being instructed in procedural matters so they will be ready to fulfill their obligations as delegates during the week of August 17-21. We hope you’ll all tune in for this exciting and yes – historic event!

Mark Your Calendars

*note: Blue line is a clickable link..
North Carolina Women for Biden Launch
Monday, July 27, 2020
5:30 PM  6:30 PM
Ashley Biden and Judge Cheri Beasley
On Monday, Join Ashley Biden, social worker & criminal justice reform advocate, and special guest Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, NC Supreme Court, at the NC Women for Biden Kickoff. July 27, Biden for President will launch North Carolina Women for Biden with Ashley Biden, the daughter of Jill and Joe Biden, Chief Justice Cheri Beasley, and other women leaders who will lead a community rally about what’s at stake in the upcoming election for women and North Carolinians in November.Video Conference with Pete Buttigieg and Cal Cunningham
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
5:00 AM  6:00 AM
Register for a video conference on Tuesday, July 28th, at 5:00 pm ET, and we’ll send you all the details you need to log on and chat with Pete.

Moe Davis Virtual Fundraiser
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
8:00 PM  9:00 PM Join  Joanne Kalp & Ken Kahn, Tom Maxwell & Lynn Hamlin, Greg & Amy Miller, Allison Smith and Ginny Hunneke in supporting Moe Davis for Congress. We will be joined by NC Senator Terry Van Duyn who will introduce Moe.  Click link above to register.

Henderson/Buncombe Zoom with NC Judge Candidates
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
7:00 PM  8:00 PM
Henderson and Buncombe County host Zoom meeting with the NC Judge Candidates of Democratic Party!  Watch http://www.myhcdp.com/Wordpress/events for details   

Town Hall w/ Wayne Goodwin
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
7:00 PM  8:00 PM
Hosted by Josh Remillard for NC House 117

Pride All Summer with Judge Lucy Inman
Sunday, August 9, 2020
5:00 AM  6:00 AM
Sunday August 9 5-6PM
A virtual event supporting Judge Lucy Inman.  Special guests will include Judge John Arrowood, Representative Deb Butler, and we are excited to present some entertaining surprises.2020 Defenders of Justice Awards 
Sunday, October 4, 2020, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Pre-event cocktail reception from 5:30 to 6 pm
Online, Virtual Event
Special Presentation by NC Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green
Music by Jennifer Evans
Please join us 30 minutes earlier to mingle in our virtual cocktail hour! We hope to see you there!
Every year we come together to celebrate the inspirational work of outstanding leaders in our community who are leading the fight for justice. These few exemplify our mission — they are working to eliminate poverty in North Carolina to ensure the creation of an economy that works for everyone. They are at the front-lines of advocating for progressive and inclusive policies that advance equity and opportunity in our state.
A complete list of awardees will be announced in the next couple of weeks — stay tuned!
Please contact me at Kim_marie@ncjustice.org or (919) 856-3185 with any questions.

County News

Avery  Avery county’s early voting site will be moving to the new community pool in Newland.  They are also putting out a 4000K mailing for Moe Davis to unaffiliated voters.

Buncombe County   100 days of action until November 3!  Are you ready? On July 26, 100 days until election day BCDP along with HCDP co-hosted a Kickoff Event Guest speakers included Senator Terry Van Duyn and Sheriff Quentin Miller and other candidates.

Clay As of August 10 Clay Co. HQ is open for two masked people at a time.  They are sending postcards to Democrats and left leaning Unaffiliated including a special focus on Young Dems.  Their YD group has started a new Instagram (claycountydemsnc) and a new website is in the works.

Haywood  Haywood has been having EXECOM meetings on Zoom since May.  Their first GOTV project is a post card mailing to 4K Dems that don’t have phone numbers.  The others they will call or text.

Henderson  Hendersonville is working with BCDP on a July 29 Judge candidates zoom meeting noted in our Mark Your Calendars.  The GOTV team is sending out postcards and precinct phone banking above.  Messaging includes info on absentee ballots.  There is also a group that are writing postcards for Sam Edney.  They are also working on a peak hours poll greeters schedule.

Jackson  Jackson had their countywide meeting via Zoom on 7/21.  HQ is open 10-2  Mon-Thur.  They have sent 3K postcard to Dems and Unaffiliated Dem Leaning.  They are also working with NCDP phone banking and separate phone banking for Joe Sam Queen.  They have a WCU intern, Zachary Wyatt who is writing articles for newspapers and reporting on demonstrations and boosting their Twitter account followers. Their communications group is writing weekly letters to the editor to the local paper.  They also have a fundraiser of selling Democrat Masks at their website – JacksonDems.com.

Macon  Macon’s HQ is gearing up to expand its hours Tue-Sat from 11AM – 6PM starting July 28. Macon County Hosts Moe Davis Rally at HQ Opening.  ON Saturday, July 25, 2020 from 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM  and repeating at 3:45 PM – 4:30 PM the NCDP hosted a very successful in-person masked, social-distanced rally and ribbon cutting event. Congressional candidate Moe Davis headlined the event.  Other candidates speaking included Justin Greene, Candidate 30th District Court Judge, Betty Cloer Wallace, candidate for Macon County Commission and Emily Ritter, candidate for Macon County School Board.

McDowell  McDowell  has been working to fill chairs for their precincts and have fill all but 2.  They have completed a mass mailing encouraging voting volunteering and the use of absentee ballots.  They are also completing phone bank trainings with their volunteers.  They have developed two messages for their signage “Be the Change – Vote Democrat 2020” and “Justice for All – Vote Democrat 2020”.

Polk  Polk County doing an absentee ballot mailing to all their Dems and a group of Unaffiliated voters with a return envelope. They have produced a video (https://vimeo.com/439135004) about how to get an absentee ballot.

Rutherford  Rutherford has just concluded their Gala-in-place event to raise funds for the year.  This took place through direct mail and followed up with social media and email.  Many donors made their donations in memory of Edna Michael.  They FAR OUTRAISED not only last year but their goals for this year.  Yay to Rutherford!!!!

Transylvania  Transylvania’s EXECOM met 7/20 and selected a county commissioner candidate (Douglas Miller) for the special election this fall.  HQ is now closed.  They have been having Zoom meets.  Training is happening to use virtual phone banking.  The messaging now is to encourage people to complete the census.  The next campaign will focus on absentee voting.  
Yancey Thay are running newspaper and radio ads, and phone banking.

We will feature more County News in September’s Issue.  Please get your info pre and post to mail to: karen@programservices.org.

Rock the Vote Signs
Be a part of helping District 11 Democrats raise money for our 2020 Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts. We have 4 exciting versions of 12″ x 12″ yard signs available for you to display and have your voice be heard during the COVID-19 era.


Each sign is $10 each, and available for pick-up or delivery (sorry, but shipping is not available).
Buncombe County residents are especially encouraged to order our yard signs because they can be picked up at our central location after purchase.  So far, there have been no orders outside Buncombe County, but if a fair number of folks request from another county, we’ll arrange a delivery location there
Click here to order.







From 3VC: Comunications

The NC District 11 website is updated regularly.  County chairs are encouraged to have their 3rd VCs (or the person in charge of communications) get in touch to coordinate communication and planning.  Please visit your county page on the District 11 website (nc11democrats.org) and send any updates such as website URLs, FB, Twitter, Instagram addresses, postal and physical addresses, phone numbers and County officers names positions and contact email addresses (or phone).  Please also visit the state website, NCDP.org and make sure the NCDP3VC has the correct information for your county posted there.  I noted some inconsistencies so please check the state website listings.  Guidelines for posting information on the District 11 website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram are available upon request.  Please forward your suggestions to the email below and we will consider your input in revisions.
Candidate EventsDuring the period from the NC primary until the general election in November candidates may submit posts and events for the District website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   Please send detailed requests with pictures for addition to the District 11 Events Calendar.  Pictures with captions of events that have recently happened in our counties are also welcome.  Please try to get permission from people before taking photos.  It’s respectful.
Karen Albig Smith 3VC: Communications karen@programservices.org
Special thanks to our social media assistance Grace Loftis.  
Look for our next newsletter in late August.
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