We are still ironing out some of the details, but I wanted to let you know there will be at least three debates with Madison Cawthorn coming up in early September. We are hoping there will be more.

And I think it will become clear to those who watch that Mr. Cawthorn has neither the knowledge nor the experience to be a Congressman.

Stay tuned for the announcements.



More than three dozen local, state and national leaders and organizations have already stepped forward to endorse Moe Davis for Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District in 2020. Now five more District officials are joining them in supporting Col. Davis, the Democratic nominee:

· Bob Scott, Mayor of Franklin
· Rod Whiteside, Mayor of Fletcher
· Julie Mayfield, Asheville City Council Member
· Chuck Dickson, Town of Waynesville Alderman
· Ryan Stone, Black Mountain Alderman

They join Gov. Roy Cooper, former North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr, Major General Rick Devereaux and organizations such as VoteVets, the Sierra Club and the North Carolina Association of Educators in endorsing Col. Davis. A full list of endorsements can be found at

“I’m grateful for the support of so many elected officials from across the District who share my belief that by working together we can improve the quality of life for everyone — Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliateds — and create opportunities for a brighter future for generations to come,’’ Col. Davis said. “I know that each one of them is dedicated to serving his or her constituents and I’m dedicated to partnering with them as Western North Carolina’s advocate in Congress.”


Want to meet Moe Davis? Register to attend one of his two back-to-back events on Saturday at the Old Sherrill’s Inn in Fairview! Col. Davis (USAF, Ret.) will discuss his policies and hopes for Western North Carolina when he greets guests in events specially designed to comply with state and federal guidelines for safety.

Registration is required for our 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. meet-and-greets through the links below.

Bring your masks. Bring a chair. And bring your questions. We look forward to seeing you


This warning comes from the Buncombe County Democratic Party

Our local Democratic Party has received two reports this week of folks in Buncombe receiving random phone calls, purporting to be from the Board of Elections, informing voters they ‘no longer need to request an absentee ballot.’

This is false, and the Board of Elections is aware of this and is looking into it.

If you receive a call like this, or if you hear of a call like this, please try to get a phone number associated with the people who call and report it to the local Board of Elections.

There’s going to be a lot of misinformation out there this year, some just from confusion, and plenty to intentionally confuse and suppress votes. We each can make a big difference in helping to get accurate information about voting to our friends and neighbors this year.

Don’t let this dissuade you from applying for an absentee ballot right now. It is still the safest way to vote in the midst of a global pandemic.

Ballots will be mailed out starting early next month.

Here’s a link for you to apply for an absentee ballot from the North Carolina Board of Elections.


Every day, it seems, we come up with another example of how disastrous leadership is in Washington today. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a bill that would remove a nursing home’s liability for negligent care that harms or results in the death of residents.

This as over 62,000 residents in nursing home facilities have died from COVID-19.

Now is not the time to let nursing homes and long-term care facilities off the hook for failing to protect residents. Please write to Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr urging them not to support the Safe to Work Act (S. 4317).


Please take a few minutes to visit our website, We recently had new photographs taken and have updated our home page. Let us know what you think! [Special thanks to photographer Stephan Pruitt for his stellar work.]


Do you know what is at stake every 10 years when the national census is conducted? Congressional seats are reallocated depending on population shifts and census totals help determine funding for programs in each state.

North Carolina is likely to gain a seat in Congress depending on the census results. So it is critical that we take the census so that we are counted.

Listen to your Governor and #MakeNCCount:

Just a reminder to share everything — Facebook/Instagram posts, Moments with Moe, YouTube videos, Letters to the Editor about Moe, newsletters, etc. — with friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. You have to help get the word out to the folks who are going to start voting as early as the second week of September. We especially need Unaffiliated and Republican voters to see and to hear that Moe — as a member of the majority party in the House of Representatives — will be a much more effective member of Congress than his opponent — who would be a member of the minority.

The highly respected local news website AVL Watchdog has written an extensive story about Madison Cawthorn, including a disturbing report on his use of symbols associated with white nationalism. Mr. Cawthorn fails to fully address the issue, leaving too many questions unanswered about where he stands.

Our take? Madison Cawthorn shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power in Washington.

Help us make sure he never gets there. Donate.


Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.
Mountain Strong