A Message from CD11 Chair Kathy Sinclair

Vote the Entire Ballot, Stay Safe and Make Sure Your Vote Counts


Did you know that North Carolina has the 3rd longest ballot in the entire country?  That means you will need to be well informed about the candidates, will need extra time to vote for every race, and even more time to double-check your work.  Every race on the ballot matters, whether it’s the President of the United States, or Commissioner of Soil & Water.  These elected positions affect our everyday life, so please be sure to VOTE THE ENTIRE BALLOT. 

In 2016, 800,000 voters in North Carolina voted for the President at the top of the ballot but DID NOT vote for the judges.  We cannot let that happen again, so please help spread the word to your friends and family members.  For the sake of the election and your peace of mind, allow yourself sufficient time to VOTE THE ENTIRE BALLOT.


  • Absentee Ballot by Mail
  • Early voting:  October 15 – October 31
  • Election Day:  November 3

With all the news regarding COVID-19 and the U.S. Postal Service, many voters are justifiably concerned about choosing a method to vote and making sure their vote will count.  The Board of Elections (BOE) is offering three safe options, and the choice is up to you.

Absentee Ballot by Mail.  This method is completely safe and reliable, as long as your official ballot is returned to your local BOE in plenty of time to avoid any post office delays*.  In fact, don’t use the post office at all.  You can HAND DELIVER YOUR BALLOT to your local BOE or an Early Voting location.
* From the NCSBE FAQ: “For civilian absentee voters, the container-return envelope with the voted ballot enclosed must be returned to the county board of elections no later than 5 p.m. on Election Day. Absentee ballots received after 5 p.m. on Election Day will be counted only if they are postmarked on or before Election Day and received by mail no later than 5 p.m. November 6. Ballots without a postmark must be received by Election Day.”

The last day to request an Absentee Ballot is October 27th, however we strongly encourage you to request yours NOW.  The sooner your ballot is received, completed, and returned to the BOE – the sooner IT WILL BE COUNTED.  The great thing about choosing to vote Absentee Ballot by Mail is YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND.  If you receive you Absentee Ballot but then choose to vote in person instead, you can do so as long as your absentee ballot has not yet been returned.

Another advantage to this method is if your ballot is rejected by the BOE due to deficiencies, you’ll be notified and given the opportunity to make a correction. View these helpful links for more information:

I want to know more about my optionsCLICK HERE to watch a very helpful video from Andy Millard, Chair of the Polk County Democratic Party.
I still have questions?CLICK HERE for a 6-page FAQ from the N.C. State Board of Elections. 
I need an Absentee Ballot Request Form: CLICK HERE to download a form.

Early Voting Early Voting takes place between October 15 and October 31, so check your local BOE for locations and times for your county.  Due to COVID-19, many older workers are choosing not to work the polls this year, however the BOE is already working to make sure there are sufficient workers to staff all sites.

Although voters cannot be required to wear masks at polling locations, for your safety all poll workers will be required to wear them, and masks will be available to anyone who requests one to wear.  Reasons to consider safely voting at an Early Voting site include*:

  • You can vote at any Early Voting Site in Your County
  • Register and Vote the Same Day
  • Change Your Address if You’ve Moved
  • Submit Your Absentee Ballot

*Source: Buncombe County Democratic Party
The Board of Elections wants you to know all three options are safe. 

Even more helpful links:
Where to Vote in person on Election Day – Find your polling location
North Carolina Democratic Party Voter Resource Page
Meet My Candidates
Official Sample Ballot – The link to your sample ballot may not yet be active.

Other District News

Delegates Report out on the Convention

Lorna Barnett, “I had a wonderful experience being a Delegate for Joe Biden during the Democratic National Convention. We may not have had all the partying in Milwaukee but I think we got to know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris better by watching the virtual convention on TV and in Zoom and Caucus events. It was a privilege to represent North Carolina and to cast my vote to nominate the next President of the United States.  Please text VOTE to 30330 and continue to be inspired daily and get a reminder when it’s time to cast your ballot.”

Andy Millard said, “It was not the convention we were hoping for, but I think the committee did a great job. I loved the hopeful message delivered by so many everyday Americans. My main delegate duty was to cast my vote for Joe, which I did via email a couple weeks prior to the convention. I did attend a few pre-gavel events. They were mostly social and/or focused on hearing from regional candidates. I enjoyed getting to know some of the delegates from neighboring states; it gave me just a taste of what a “real” convention experience might have been.”

Kathie Kline described her experience, “As a delegate, I really appreciated our North Carolina Democrat’s efficient process for casting our votes virtually. They also worked hard to include us despite these unusual circumstances, inviting us to attend virtual events, record our comments, and share our experiences. The North Carolina and Southern delegation meetings included lots of laughter and camaraderie, and of course, plenty of inspiration to keep us all working hard through November. I am so proud and grateful to be a Democrat in this great state of North Carolina!”

WLOS did a news story with our delegates shortly before the convention.

County Chairs Association

The County Chairs Association is working towards November successes in all 100 counties across our state. We know that every vote for our statewide candidates from each of our counties makes a huge difference, which is why we’re not leaving any counties behind. At our last August meeting, we were joined by North Carolina’s Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, who gave us an update on her office and her campaign. We’re excited to re-elect Elaine and put more Democrats on the Council of State in November.

I hope you’ll join us at our next County Chairs Association Monthly Call on Tuesday, September 8th. Zoom information and an agenda will be sent to your county chairs closer to the meeting, so reach out to them if you’d like to attend.

Jeffrey Rose
Chair, Buncombe County Democratic Party
(828) 333-2595

Boards of Election Absentee Ballot Processing Meetings

The county Boards of Election will be unusually busy this year with processing so many absentee ballots and meeting times for this purpose are being scheduled now.  These meetings are open to the public. We hope this process will be free of controversy, but we are encouraging Democratic Party volunteers to be present and to record proceedings if any questions arise regarding irregularities or procedures. Some of the meetings will allow in-person observers, others will only allow a virtual presence.  We have asked all county BOE’s to provide their meeting schedule to us, and we will have that available soon on a Google Sheet if you’d like it.  Just let Kathie Kline know and she’ll email that to you. She can be reached at: kathiebkline@gmail.com

Texting Campaign a Success!

Twenty texters across the district successfully encouraged over 57,000 Democrats and mostly left-leaning Unaffiliated voters to request absentee ballots as soon as possible.  They provided the state Board of Elections website and county BOE phone numbers to voters who wanted to request ballots, and urged them to mail or hand-deliver their ballots shortly after receiving them in September.  For those choosing to vote in person, texters recommended Early Voting.  Most of the texters enjoyed working fairly long hours and conversing with voters in a meaningful way.  We hope this effort will make a tangible difference when election results roll in!

Mark Your Calendars

*note: Blue line is a clickable link..
Ronnie Chatterji with Dr. Vivek Mirthy
Tuesday, September 8, 2020
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

Reception in Support of Senator Natasha Marcus
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Democratic Women of NC State Convention
Friday, September 25, 2020 –
Sunday, September 27, 2020

A Virtual Reception In Honor Of Senate Democratic Whip Jay Chaudhuri  Special Guest Roy Cooper
Thursday September 24, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

A Virtual Reception In Honor Of Senate Democratic Whip Jay Chaudhuri  Special Guest: Attorney General Josh Stein
Monday, September 28, 2020
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Virtual Reception with Ambassador Rich Verma and Pulitzer-Prize Finalist Author Suketu Mehta
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

2020 Defenders of Justice Awards 
Sunday, October 4, 2020
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM 

A Virtual Reception In Honor Of Senate Democratic Whip Jay Chaudhuri
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

District 11 Hosts a Town Hall Meeting for our Supreme Court candidates
Thursday, October 15, 2020
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Visit the District 11 Facebook page for the most recent events, informative posts, and more

Moe Davis DEBATES Info!!

Moe Davis Debates Madison Cawthorne
Friday, September 4, 2020
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Moe Davis Debates Madison Cawthorne
Saturday, September 5, 2020
7:30 PM  8:30 PM

September speakers scheduled for Moe Talks will be posted on FB and the District 11 Website when announced.
Please join Col. Moe Davis for Moe Talks Live Virtual Town Hall on Zoom, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

Mondays: https://tinyurl.com/MoeTalksMondays

Thursdays: https://tinyurl.com/MoeTalksThursdays