Are you concerned? Vote for Biden

To the Editor of the Sylva Herald:

Are you concerned about bringing the pandemic to an end? About restoring lost jobs and businesses? About being evicted? About economic survival?

Are you concerned about the future of our public schools? The safety of our children, grandchildren and teachers on every day that school is open?

Are you in need of affordable health care? Do you believe everyone should have it?

Are you concerned about high prices in the grocery store? Loss of savings, loss of investments?

Are you concerned about the future of Medicare and Social Security? Do you depend on those programs? Donald Trump has made repeated attempts to undermine them.

Do you believe a president should obey the law? Including stepping down if they lose the election? Donald Trump has indicated he may not do that.

Are you worried about gun violence in our nation’s public schools? Are you sickened by the hatred and racism that are spewed everywhere and egged on by Donald Trump?

If you are concerned about any of these things, vote – for Biden.

Never voted for a Democrat before? Maybe now is the time.

Not your first-choice candidate? Not mine either – but it doesn’t matter. That’s who we have.

Don’t know enough about Biden to vote for him? We know enough about Trump to know that we can’t take four more years of this.

No one in your family voting for Biden? That’s OK. A secret ballot is a secret ballot. Even if you vote by mail, which requires a witness, that witness is there to certify that you voted, not how you voted – they are not supposed to watch who you select. That’s why they sign the envelope, not the ballot.

Thinking about not voting? That’s only half a vote against Trump. To make your voice heard, vote for Biden. Thinking about a third-party candidate? That’s the same as not voting at all, because a third-party candidate won’t win. Vote for Biden.

Our democracy is under serious attack by a President who refuses to obey the law. Do you want to wake up on Nov. 4 to a true dictatorship? If you don’t, vote for Biden.

Vote, and vote early. If you mail in your ballot, do it early. If you do early voting, vote closer to Oct. 15 than Oct. 31. If you vote in person, vote early in the day!

If you are concerned, vote. For Biden.

Louise Runyon,