Upcoming Events for Jackson County Democratic Party

  • Shop the Streets: October 9 – continuation of what we have been doing; shop the streets in whatever ways you find comfortable. Let them know you’re a Democrat by wearing Democratic gear and wishing them well
  • Film Seminar: Moonlight on October 9 – this is a great movie. If you haven’t been to the first two seminars,
    consider ining the discussion for a donation of $10 (less if you find that a financial burden and still want to hear what people have to say). You’ll need to let me know, so I can send you a ZOOM invitation. We start at 7 PM and finish at 8:30.
  • Fridays with Signs in Sylva – this is a low impact, easy activity that is an effort to imprint candidate names in people’s minds. We meet in the parking lot at headquarters from 4:30-5:45 and wave a candidate sign. You have your pick of what we have inside to wave outside or you can make your own with a name on it. Bring a comfy chair or use one of ours – we sit, hold signs, and wave. You must wear masks and we do socially distance.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – see above under “GOTV with Cindy.” We will also be doing a final mailing event, with baggies available for pick-up next week. Watch for the notice. This is a DWJC event and we will be using blank cards and other sorts of stationary to make it really personal. There will be a pick-up date and a return date. If you supply the stamps, you won’t even have to return the cards; you can simply mail them.
  • BBQ Postponed – because we would have to do this as a take-out option, because almost all of us are doing other campaign things, and because we’ve made sufficient money to cover what we promised the party for this year ($5,000), we postponing this event. The only fundraising we’ll be doing the rest of this year will be swag items.
  • Loose Change Ends Monday, October 5 – we’ve held Loose Change open, because until recently the Credit Union coin counter was unavailable. It is now in business once again, so the last time you can bring any loose change for this activity is that Monday. If you want to contribute any loose change hanging around your house, do the following: count it; put it in a baggie; add your name, so we can track it on our Board of Elections report, and bring it to headquarters when they are open for business. Anything that gets there by 4 PM on Monday, October 5 will count. Currently, River Precinct is ahead thanks to Diane. However, I intend to put a bunch of coins in the contest this week, so Sylva may move ahead in the last minutes of the campaign. Any amount helps. So, if you’re dropping by headquarters, participating in the Friday events, or simply driving through town and you have some extra change, drop it off – use the blue envelopes to label the amount and your name, if you don’t have a spare baggie with you.
  • Drawing for Myrtle Beach ending with the Election – we’re going to end this event with the election. So between now and the election. You can make donations for tickets any time you’re in the office. Trip availability is any time between the election and the end of December, 2021, except during the month of July. If you are in doubt about what this means, check out the posters at headquarters.
  • Membership Surpasses 100! We were up to 101 as of yesterday. Thanks a bunch.
  • Drive to the Polls event for anyone who can participate. We’re meeting on Tuesday at 2 PM in the parking lot by Farmers’ Market in Sylva, then driving as a caravan to the Board of Elections voting site. Wear Masks. We’ll obviously socially distance. We picked the day and time, because it’s likely to have little traffic.
  • Gowns in the Town (TBA) – a variation of the Friday afternoon drive-bys, but with all the signs having judges’ names on them and a sign reminding people to vote the whole ballot, including the judges. Figure out how you can find a gown now.