A small blast from the past: In 2016 we printed a handout at headquarters done by Issues Round table about why no should vote for Trump. Look how well they anticipated his behavior:  [and, how many more can we add now!  DJ]


Mr. Trump is a:

1. dangerous and reprehensible role model. Can you imagine him teaching your children?

2. divider. He ridicules minorities, stereotypes Muslims, makes fun of the disabled, and incites violence at his rallies.

3. unprepared and ignorant candidate. He does not understand how our government works, the purpose of diplomacy, or the danger of nuclear weapons nor does he appear willing to learn.

4. liar. Of the 20 candidates running for the Presidency in the primaries, according to fact checkers, Clinton erred the least and Trump lied the most (by a “huge” margin).

5. sexist. He denigrates women, appears fixated on their appearance, and boasts of his sexual exploits.

6. bully. He covers up his ignorance with bluster, sending outrageous tweets, many of which are unfounded personal attacks.

7. crooked businessman. He has stiffed sub-contractors, forced sub-contractors to take less that their work cost, threatened or engaged in frivolous lawsuits, and practiced racial discrimination in some of his housing projects.

8. sociopath. That is what his ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal, who spent 18 months with him, called Trump. That author concluded that he “put lipstick on a pig.”

9. narcissist unable to sort and judge reality. At one rally, he declared: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do. Believe me.”

10. unable to judge leadership talent. He has said he would “love” to put Sarah Palin in his cabinet. He is now on the third leadership team for his campaign.