Confirmed Cases at Western NC

New Positive Cases – October 16

(# of new positive cases made known to the University as confirmed through university testing, surveillance testing, and self-reporting over past 24 hours or 72 hours for weekend case counts reported on Monday)

Students -16; Employees* – 0; Subcontractors – 0

Weekly Confirmed Positives Cases – October 5 – October 11

(total # of new positive cases known to the University for the week specified above)

Students – 28; Employees* – 2; Subcontractors – 0

Cumulative Positive Confirmed Cases Since July 1

(total # of positive cases known to the University since July 1, 2020)

Students -189; Employees* – 7; Subcontractors – 5

* Employees full and part-time


Positivity Rate – October 5 – October 11

(calculated once per week based on number of tests administered on campus for the week specified above)

Number of Tests Administered – 473; Number of Tests Returned Positive – 25; Percent of Positive Tests to Tests Administered – 5.3%

Total # of Students Currently in Self-Isolation/Quarantine Off-Campus Per University Instructions – 147

Instructions for Self-Reporting for COVID-19 Testing

For Students

If you have been tested at location other than Health Services, please complete the COVID testing self-report at

Once submitted, a representative of WCU Health Services will be in contact shortly to help support your ongoing medical care.


For Employees

Employees who have been notified of a confirmed positive COVID-19 test should immediately self-isolate at home and contact their supervisor as soon as possible to notify them.

Specific protocols may be viewed at COVID-19 Diagnosis/Symptoms Protocols for Employees and Supervisors.