The Sylva Herald, by Patric Clemons

With Halloween just around the corner, parents might be concerned about their children’s safety during these unprecedented times.

Some local organizations are putting on trick-or-treat in a safe, socially distanced environment for kids and their parents on Saturday, Oct. 31.

T.J. Peoples is organizing an opportunity for kids to walk around and pick up candy from socially distanced tables at 316 W. Hometown Place in Sylva from 5-7 p.m.

East Sylva Baptist Church will host a Drive Thru Trunk-or-Treat from 5-7 p.m., where cars will be directed through the parking lot to various stations while church members hand out candy.

Smoky Mountain High School is hosting a Halloween Drive-by Parade from 6-8 p.m. featuring free candy, fun prizes and activities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that traditional trick-or-treating is a high risk activity that should be avoided. Other activities the CDC puts in this group include trunk-or-treat, costume parties, haunted houses and hayrides.

Instead, they recommend low-risk alternatives such as carving pumpkins with family members and a Halloween scavenger hunt.

Ben Guiney, Sylva town board member, will be following these guidelines.

“For Halloween, I will for sure be decorating my house, but unfortunately, we will not be handing out candy face-to-face,” Guiney said. “We may do something like leave some candy out in a bowl in front or something.”

To learn more about the CDC’s recommendations regarding Halloween, visit