The good, the bad and the ugly

To the Editor:

The good: Since I’m retired at this particular point in history. I have been able to watch all the televised hearings from the January 6 committee. If you can’t watch TV during the day, you should still do everything possible to watch all or part of the broadcasts in some format after work. This is a tipping point in our nation, with our fragile democracy hanging in the balance, and that is not hyperbole. History is being made in real time for the remainder of our generations, and those to follow. History will show whether we survived, or whether the longest existing democracy died like the many other democracies that came before or after ours.

The bad: The hearings have shown, without a doubt, what one selfish life form has done to our government, and many people’s lives, all for his personal gain and pursuit of his fantasies. Millions of dollars, time and treasure of federal and state employees have been spent (our tax dollars) forcing them to “prove” that there was something wrong with the 2020 election based on “theories.” Innocent people have been threatened, murdered and injured and continue to be threatened today as a result of the pursuit of a fantasy by one being! Anyone else in a similar position of power who told everyone who worked for them that they needed to prove that the sky was orange, when everyone already knew it was blue, would be laughed out of town. There is no difference in what was done, except that the life form tried to use his power, and powers he thought he had, to overthrow the will of the people. The people, all the people, should be thoroughly pissed off! No justice, no peace!

The ugly: Approximately 20 percent of the country actually believes that the sky is orange, for no other reason than that the life form said it was so. So much for critical thinking and reasoning. Even uglier, there is a larger percentage (20 to 30 percent) who believe it’s no big deal, it’s politics as usual, don’t care, don’t want to get involved, don’t think the threat is real, don’t have time to watch or listen, or any number of lame excuses to not help save our way of life. It’s incomprehensible that anyone would live in, and enjoy the privileges of living in the United States, and not be willing to protect that privilege with all their being.

Americans have become way too complacent and indifferent. It can happen here! We all need to care and be sure everyone does what they can to hold accountable (prosecute) all those responsible. If not, we are lost and will have no one to blame but ourselves. Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does. Unfortunately, as it appears right now, the words of Han Solo come to mind – “I got a bad feeling about this.” I sure hope I’m wrong.

Mark Ballinger,