Let’s strive to become great

To the Editor:

Been thinkin’ lately ’bout MAGA. What an acronym! It sounds strong. Unfortunately, there is a built-in weakness.

It is this: great is an opinion only. It cannot be measured or agreed upon. When was it great? How was it great? Was there widespread greatness or only pockets here and there? Is there a chance that America has never been great?

Yet, Donald Trump has exploited many Americans and deceived them into believing he could restore America to greatness when for many that simply hasn’t been so. His red cap became a symbol of something that may only be imaginary – a by-gone era that will never return because it never was here in the first place. Much like “Gone with the Wind” as written by Margaret Mitchell. Back when Blacks and women couldn’t vote. When only property owners could. When some people were enslaved. Who wants to go back to those times?

Now, don’t tell me I’m being less than patriotic. I served four years in the Navy. Members of my family have used copyright as well as patent laws to improve our lot in life. I have read/studied most of the Constitution. I have read the Bible extensively. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats. I am a native of Jackson County. And, I happen to believe Johnny Cash knew some people had been held back when he sang “Man in Black.” Listen for yourself.

In addition to that his musical friend, Waylon Jennings, sang: “I can’t say I’m proud of all of the things that I’ve done. But, I can say I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone.” How many can honestly say that? Can that be said about America?

I admire those two musical legends. I also admire Jesus Christ. We have to get better at caring for others. If we don’t we can never reach the level of greatness. We are told that by every major religion as well as most philosophies.

Let’s strive to become great, though. Jesus, Waylon and Johnny will guide us.

Dave Waldrop, Webster