Says Buchanan has right leadership tools

To the Editor:

Rick Buchanan, candidate for Jackson County sheriff has served under four different sheriffs during his career. Through those years he has gained workable knowledge of all duties and obligations of the office of sheriff.

Rick has the leadership skills and the ability to work with the citizens of Jackson County to arrive at solutions to the problems we face. The office of sheriff is “of the people and for the people.” As our sheriff, Rick will humbly serve the people with integrity.

I am expressing my support for him as our next sheriff of Jackson County. Rick became a member of my department in 1991, and has dedicated himself to serve the citizens of Jackson County as a sworn office for 31 years.

I am asking you to vote for Rick Buchanan on Tuesday, Nov. 8, to ensure the people of Jackson County continue to have the best possible leadership in the office of sheriff.

Bob Allen, Sylva

Allen is a former Jackson County sheriff.