Vote against election deniers, for democracy

To the Editor:

If Donald Trump is so smart, if he loves America as much as he claims, why did he not show us the “election flaws” in 2016? As you recall he won that hotly contested election. Yet, for the next three years he said and did nothing. He had the ideal position to analyze the process, identify flaws (and there are some) and recommend changes that would strengthen democracy.

Then as the 2020 election approached, he began his rant about the possibility of a rigged election, still with no suggestion of how to make it more secure. Does this sound patriotic to you? Is there any hint that Donald Trump was working for democracy?

Why no action to secure the election system in the face of an election which he lost massively? Here’s the simple yet dangerous truth: Donald Trump is the “hood ornament” of a national movement to re-write our Constitution in favor of the wealthiest individuals and businesses. There are various groups working relentlessly at this endeavor. They are right-leaning in political philosophy. Many at the worker level are your neighbors. Some know what the goal is. Others are merely loyal Republicans or independents who hope for the best for America.

Now, hope won’t save democracy. Americans need to study democracy and decide if they/we actually want to keep our form of government. If not, then vote however you want. If you do cherish democracy, then vote against election deniers. A big hint here – most of them are Republican. I doubt that there has ever been an election that was perfect. But near-perfect elections will uphold democracy. Merely harping about a few flaws is only meant to undermine the process.

Let’s identify the election deniers and vote against them. Vote for democracy!

Dave Waldrop, Webster