Plans for a shifted Congress unsettling

To the Editor:

Well folks the Republican leadership has been mum this past summer in revealing what they intended to do if they gained the majority in Congress in November. More recently, they have revealed their plans in the vague terms of Impeach, Investigate and Obstruct the Biden administration at every turn. Now with the election near, they have finally told us in clear, unambiguous terms what they intend to do, cut entitlements, specifically Social Security and Medicare. Why? Because they are now worried about the deficit.

Of course, they were not concerned with spending when they passed tax cuts for the rich and increased the deficit by nearly $8 trillion during the Trump years. But now the deficit is a major issue again for Republicans and their solution to fix it is to penalize seniors who paid into the system over their working careers and jeopardize this valuable entitlement.

I know some will say this is fear mongering, that Social Security is safe and no changes will occur, but many said the same about Roe vs. Wade. Republicans said they would overturn it and they did. (Does anyone remember when the GOP criticized judges as unelected activists?).

Republicans are now plainly and openly saying what they intend to do. Why would we doubt them now? Of, course our GOP candidates for U.S. House and Senate will deny this plan, but are we willing to take that gamble? I for one am not!

We each have the opportunity to make our voices heard this election and reject this radical GOP attack upon the social safety net which has kept many families out of poverty. Inflation pales in comparison to what could happen to millions of seniors if this ill-conceived plan is successful. Remember, “Elections have consequences.” Let’s send a strong message to “Just Say No” to these crazy GOP plans.

Tom Massie, Sylva