Possessed of a troubling charisma

To the Editor:

In a March issue of the Sylva Herald, letter writer Dave Waldrop commented on the character of our former president, Donald Trump.

I agree with his basic message: He considers Trump to be unfit to once again be elected to the highest government office in our country. Essentially, I agree with Dave, but I feel he does not take his message far enough. He concludes that Trump is filled with rage, and it is this unbridled emotion that renders him unfit for office.

In actual fact, Trump has an amazing ability to appear filled with anger and contempt while speaking with his followers. He promotes rage in others, while he remains the crafty and cool speaker. To perceive him as a man who is overcome by his rage for his detractors is a mistake.

This man has a dangerous gift. He can take the discontent of the unemployed, the elderly or any group that feels disenfranchised or “marginalized,” and he can turn them into raging followers who will do his bidding. This man has a dark charisma. Beware!

Gary Carden, Sylva