The sensible option is don’t consolidate

 To the Editor:

Option 4. Do nothing.

Option 4 is no consolidation of the departments of health and Social Services.

Jackson County commissioners have the option of leaving these agencies to operate independently as they do now.

Savings can only be incurred if the county has over 100,000 people and the departments operate in the same building.

Adding any layers of bureaucracy to the county budget will increase salary and benefit requirements in excess of a $100,000. If Jackson County gets sued because the commissioners do something discriminatory it could bankrupt the county.

There is no justification for continuing discussions on consolidation. Low pay driving county workers to leave should be addressed separately.

Call the county commissioners at 586-4055. Option 4 Do Nothing. Consolidation will hurt the residents of Jackson County and put politicians in charge of your healthcare and county services.

Christine Taber, Sylva