Let us lift up, not tear down

To the Editor:

I am a 60-year-old man who lives in Jackson County and a father. I am concerned about the eroding of trust in one another; and it seems to be coming from the vociferous voices of untrustworthy people allowed to speak from over-sized bullhorns.

We don’t trust our librarians and their extensive education. We don’t trust educators. Heck, we don’t trust education in general. We don’t trust parents to raise their children. We don’t trust our friends and neighbors who work for our government, the government for and by the people. Fear replaces trust, and living in fear makes for behavior that is unhealthy for our communities. Rather than building up, we tear down; rather than love, we hate. Why is it easier to carry a weapon of death into a public space, a library for instance, than it is to protect the freedom of speech?

Please my friends, let us love and trust one another. Let us be individuals together, diversity within our unity. Let our libraries be, and trust our librarians. Let us lift one another up and not tear each other down.

Scott Carpenter, Sapphire