I always thought 34 was a pretty good number. At 34 years old you have all your energy, you still feel young and vibrant, and provided good hygiene and some luck, none of the health concerns have popped up yet. Size 34 waist was pretty acceptable too. If you are a lady, 34 hips is pretty good too.

Now 34 has taken on a different meaning, and not a good number at all. It means our legal system, which I may not agree with at times, but I do think provides the best justice system in the world, found our former  president, and soon to be the Republican nominee for president, to be felonious. 34 times.

But, it is not really surprising. Why? Character, that is all it’s about: character. And warped or flawed character, the things that destroy moral values, along with associated actions, are often what leads to egregious malfeasance or what is called in the legal system, crime.

Yet, how does our country respond to this history in the making, an eyesore for our nation? And, let’s take the conspiracy laden nonsense out of the picture. You know, the nonsense that says President Biden was responsible for the jury, judge and New York State legal system. Or maybe even those who take it a step further and utilize the antisemitic path of blaming George Soros (could not resist throwing that in). And taken to the extreme, jurors in New York City could not be found to possibly be fair; they just do not exist. This, all despite some of the most aggressive voir dire from the most  aggressive criminal defense minds in the country.

No, it is not the system, or biased jurors and judge, or a rigged court etc; it is the criminal. Donald Trump has been found to be guilty as a criminal 34 times. A convicted felon, 34 times. So, we let him run for president. Has this country gone insane? 

His donations surged on the internet the night of the verdict. What? You know, from the  supporters who think that the United States of America has lost its moral compass, trashing the minds of our children with immoral books in the library. Led by their leader, a convicted criminal. What? The one and the same who speaks of the illegals, stopping  crime, shutting down legal protesters, aligning himself with deeply religious Christians who do not want females to have immoral abortions. What? Deeply religious, you know, moral folks. Moral folks who are donating and still plan on voting for a convicted  criminal who, by the way, has a bunch of close associates, friends, donors, etc. over the years who also have been convicted of felony crimes. They have been locked up. Not a  chant of “lock her up” but the real thing, locked up.

Enough. We can and should do  better as a nation. We have choices. Our system is still the best one in the world. The  Republican Party and the American people have elected honorable individuals to office. But a convicted criminal, 34 times? We can and should lift our heads higher, in the nation, and on the world stage, and let this criminal, an absolute embarrassment, go into retirement, and maybe with some luck, climate change will not result in a Category 5 hurricane as he serves time in “jail” at Mar-a-Lago.

Sue Resnik lives in Sylva.