2024 Primary Candidate Information


The Jackson County Democratic Party supports Gayle Woody and Wes Jamison in the elections for Jackson County Board of Education. Please note that the Board of Education elections are NOT primary nominations but the actual elections for School Board Members.


Wes Jamison, District 3

I am Wes Jamison, a native of Sylva, raised on Monteith Branch, and a product of our local education system. After graduating from Smoky Mountain High in 1997, I earned a degree in Civil Engineering from N.C. State University. At that time, I returned home to serve as a transportation engineer with the NCDOT.

As a devoted parent of four children attending Jackson County Schools, I am deeply invested in the future of our educational system. Throughout my tenure on the Jackson County School Board, I have been an advocate for early childhood development programs, championing the expansion of pre-K initiatives across our county. Moreover, I have supported our dedicated educators and staff, ensuring they have the resources they need.

Providing a safe environment for our students is extremely important. Through collaboration with law enforcement, including both the current and former sheriff, we have successfully implemented School Resource Officers on every campus, fostering a secure learning environment for our children.

I am dedicated to enhancing opportunities for our students, equipping them with the skills and experiences needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive world. Over the past eight years, I have demonstrated a commonsense approach to decision-making, grounded in research and thoughtful deliberation. While not every decision may please everyone, rest assured that each is made with the utmost consideration for our community’s best interests.

I humbly seek your support and your vote. Together, let’s continue to build a brighter future for Jackson County.” (profile published in The Sylva Herald, February 14, 2024)

Gayle Woody, District 1

I decided to run for the Jackson County Board of Education because I believe our teachers and parents need a voice from someone who has been there. My four children were born in Jackson County and graduated from SMHS. As a parent I supported our children’s teachers and I wanted to be listened to when I had a concern. I can truthfully say I was. As a former art teacher at Fairview and SMHS I understand the daily concerns teachers face. Most teachers I worked with during my career did everything they could to help their students learn and reach their full potential. They deserve full support from the School Board.

I began teaching in Swain County in 1974 and retired from JCPS in 2016 (taking time to stay home with our children). During those 42 years I saw the academic pendulum swing back and forth on school policy and teaching methods. What remained constant was the need for children to have a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and trained competent teachers to teach.

My husband, Phil, is also a retired teacher and coach from JCPS. We have been married 48 years and have been blessed with 12 grandchildren.

Effective School Board members do not have personal agendas but make decisions by determining what is best for students, teachers and staff. If elected I pledge to support our teachers and listen to the concerns of parents, teachers and staff. I will be a voice for our community.(profile published in The Sylva Herald, February 14, 2024)



The following candidates are partisan nominations in the Democratic Primary. The Jackson County Democratic Party does not support individual partisan nominees in the Primary. The list below gives the main website for each candidate.


Presidential Preference

Joseph R. Biden, Jr.



NC Governor

Gary Foxx



Michael R. (Mike) Morgan



Josh Stein



Marcus W. Williams



Chrelle Booker




NC Lieutenant Governor


Rachel Hunt



Mark H. Robinson



Ben Clark




NC Attorney General

Satana Deberry



Tim Dunn



Jeff Jackson





NC Commissioner of Insurance

Natasha Marcus



David Wheeler




NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

C. R. Katie Eddings



Maurice (Mo) Green



Kenon Crumble




NC Treasurer

Gabe Esparza



Wesley Harris




NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 5

Allison Riggs



Lora Christine Cubbage