NC11 or NC14?

Fellow District 11 Democrats,

I wanted to take a couple minutes to update you on some changes that will be affecting our organization over the next few months.

First, as we announced during our December 2021 District Meeting, NC11 Democratic Party Treasurer Gayle Wayne will be stepping down from her position.  Gayle has served this district admirably during her tenure as Treasurer, and I know that I speak for the rest of the NC11 Executive Committee as well as for so many of you who have worked with Gayle over the years when I say how extremely grateful we are for the work that she has done.  The role of Treasurer can be a daunting task, and one that can feel thankless at times.  But Gayle has always performed at the highest level, and we are better off as an organization because of it.

I am also very pleased to announce that after an extensive search, I will be appointing Julie Montanea as Treasurer for the NC11 Democratic Party effective February 1st.  Julie is a precinct chair in Buncombe County, and has a long history of treasury work for various Democratic organizations and candidates.  I along with the rest of the Executive Committee are extremely excited about Julie joining our team, and we look forward to introducing her in person during our February 9th District Meeting.

Lastly, we have received a number of questions recently from around the district regarding what we are considered name-wise at the moment due to the ongoing redistricting process, and when we may be transitioning to “District 14”.  This is the situation as of this time:

Per the current maps which are being litigated, the vast majority of what has been District 11 now falls under the new District 14.  While that is the case in terms of Board of Election maps, per the North Carolina Democratic Party we are still operating as District 11.  There are several reasons for this.  With the redistricting process in the current status, per NCDP it would not be prudent to change District Party names, leadership, or operations when there is a very real possibility that the current maps will be knocked down in the courts and new maps put in place over the next 2 months.

I have been in contact with NCDP headquarters and have voiced that while it makes sense to not transition to new districts until we know for sure what the final districts will be, the need remains for a more detailed process on how the transition will work when the time comes so that everyone can be as prepared as possible, there is less confusion amongst Democrats across our region, and better action can be taken in terms of messaging, candidate recruitment, and fundraising.  I have been informed that the hope is that there will be more guidance coming after this weekend’s scheduled SEC meeting.

I know that this has been a frustrating process which still has more steps to play out, and we will absolutely update you with the latest information as we have it. I want to thank each of you for the diligence, hard work, and motivation that you continue to have in supporting the Democratic cause in Western North Carolina, and encourage you to keep your chin up and continue with that work in the weeks and months ahead.

Whether we are District 11, 14, or any other number at the end of this process, we are on the move for change and bringing a better day to representation up and down the ballot across our area!

Matt Ballance
Chair, NC Congressional District 11