Read her senses “clown show trickle-down” here, Andy Barber, Letter to Editor, Sylva Herald

To the Editor:

“Elect clowns, expect a circus.”

Many of us are familiar with this phrase, and are used to seeing it play out on the national stage with professional comedians like Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and their ilk grinding the wheels of democracy to a halt with their buffoonery. Unfortunately, two articles from last week’s Herald have shown that the fairy-tale Republican trickle-down theory does indeed exist, but not in the financial form they would have you believe.

I have always been impressed by the bipartisan support that our county leaders have given to the local schools, but newly seated commissioner Todd Bryson has shown that may not be the case going forward. After requesting that previously approved funds be released to the school system, Bryson brought up the nonsensical, easily disproved right-wing myth of litter boxes being approved and paid for by schools for the use of students.

Superintendent Dana Ayers handled this exchange with humor and class, but the fact that Bryson raised such a ridiculous claim leaves one of two possibilities. Either he truly believes this conspiracy theory and feels he is protecting his constituents from the dangers of kitty litter and the taxpayers from an extravagant expense, or he knows better and is intent on generating fake outrage and is a ready and willing participant in the culture wars that divide us more each day. Neither possibility serves the citizens of Jackson County.

Bryson and other newcomers also balked at the request of new downtown art; inquiring whether it will be “family-friendly” and implying that they are the ones to make that judgment. If they are truly interested in the integrity of downtown art, they should start with the Jim Crow abomination just steps away from the public library. It is far past time to remove the monument built by racists, to glorify racists, to celebrate their racism, after they started a war to fight for their right to be racist. And no, altering the plaque and language on the statue does not change these facts.

Andy Barber, Cullowhee

Message from Matt Ballance, NC11 chair

Hello NC11 Democrats!

I write this message to you having returned from a weekend in Durham for the North Carolina Democratic Party’s annual convention and 2022 Unity Dinner.  I can’t tell you how energizing it was to be back in person with fellow Democrats from across our state to conduct the work of our party, and to hear from so many of the incredible candidates that we have running for office up and down the ballot this November!

Summer is in full swing, and that means that the general election season is in full swing as well.  NC11 Democratic nominee Jasmine Beach-Ferrara kicked off her series of “Day of Action” events across the district this last weekend.  Our NC House and Senate candidates across the district are rolling out events and activities daily.  NC Judicial candidates are visiting our region.  And US Senate candidate Cheri Beasley continues to make frequent stops across our area.

I urge each of you to stay up to the date with the activities of our candidates via their websites and email lists, as well as the calendar on the NC11 Democrats website, and to take part in these events.  But don’t just involve yourself, spread the word!  Take a friend or family member to these events, help spread the word on the good ideas that our candidates stand for, and do your part to do everything that you can to help get these individuals elected this fall!

There is so much in our district, our state, and our country that deserves our effort right now.  Pushing our legislators to finally pass Medicaid expansion.  Protecting our school boards and county commissions from the extremist right-wing candidates who wish to overtake these offices.  Protecting our children and the public from the plague on gun violence in our country.  Protecting a woman’s right to choose.  Our plate is full of worthy, righteous efforts to fight for.

So let’s get to work.  Let’s keep our heads down and press on.  Let’s stay focused on the task at hand.  And let’s do everything we can to protect the Democratic values that we love and hold so dear!

Thank you for all that each of you do and keep fighting!

Matt Ballance
NC District 11 Chair